HOMT: Digitalizing Students Accommodation Using Ethereum Blockchain


Undoubtedly, no society can do without students. We must see to their wellbeing at all cost for them to focus on their study. After gaining an admission, one of the hurdles experience by the students is accommodation. They struggle to secure hostels due to the insufficient rooms in the universities. Foreign students may even find it more difficult. They may need to involve a middle man to help them in sorting out the accommodation issue. There are potential foreign students who wish to study in top universities around the world, but are apprehensive about where they will reside. This can prevent them from having the opportunity of studying alongside with other international students across the globe.

Many of the Universities do not have adequate hostels for their students. It is not uncommon to see students sharing a room and overcrowding it. Some of them even live in condominium which disallow them from having fulltime school experience.

HOMT LTD is coming up with solution to this accommodation problem by creating a marketplace where students will be able to rent properties with ease.

HOMT LTD Overview

HOMT LTD is a property securing, development and distribution organization which offers student rental accommodation and other utility services at affordable cost. The high standard and well-located flats will bring comfort to the students. HOMT LTD’s ecosystem gives student the opportunity of looking up for a decent and comfortable accommodation right from where they may be. This will reduce the chances of being distracted by accommodation while on campus.


The students that wish to apply for an admission from far away countries will be encouraged by this innovation. HOMT platform makes it possible for them to study with other international students which will further heir learning process.

The students can rent high standard accommodation at a cheap rate without any hidden charges. Since the process is carried out ethereum blockchain, they are rest assure of trust and transparency when carrying out such transactions.

Entrepreneurs can also benefit from this platform by taking advantage of the digitized Students Rental. Properties can be listed on the platform by the owners which are made available to the students when searching for accommodation on the platform.

HOMT Uniqueness

The use of blockchain technology to digitalize students rentals will take away the need of a middle man when carrying out transaction on the platform. This will help to save the students from being victims of scammers who may collect money from them and not give them value for their money.

Students can earn from the platform through saving plans which give them percentage of their money. They also stand a chance to become property owner after school.


HOM Token

The HOM token is an ERC 20 ethereum blockchain token. The token will be used in the HOM ecosystem for performing transactions. Students will have to acquire this token before they can rent apartment from the platform. They will enjoy occasional discounts for making use of HOM token including a yearly bonus. The tokens are stored in their e-wallets and can be used anytime from anywhere in the world.

Property owners that wish to list their assets on the platform will also make use of the HOM tokens. Aside the chances of token price getting appreciated in the market, all HOM tokens holders are eligible to receive incentives and other redeemable services. Entrepreneurs who want to buy properties from the platforms are at liberty to do so with HOM token. Discounts will be given to the early adopters.

The HOMT LTD plans to make use of Internet of Things(IoT) and smart contract to construct students rental accommodation. Implementing this will make anyone to have easy access to accommodation from the internet. Information such as location, position and condition can be obtained easily from the internet.

HOMT LTD will take upon themselves every other property related expenses. So token holders do not have to worry about that.

There is an opportunity for resale option where properties can be sold in the open market after a reasonable capital appreciation.

It is interesting to know that HOM Token (HOMT) is already listed on Coinmarketcap and trading on Probit

You can check the link below to see the current price of HOMT


More listings are expected to take place later on.

Many students that wish to study in top countries of the world such US, China, Canada etc usually face the challenges of securing good accommodation. This has made some of them to give up their visions of studying alongside with other international students. HOMT LTD is remodelling students accommodation by their Digital Student Housing platform. This will make them to acquire properties from anywhere around from the internet. Property owners and entrepreneurs also stand to benefit from this system by making use of the HOM tokens. The tokens which is ERC20 will be used across the ecosystem.

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