CNBC Fast Money Teaches Viewers How To..

3년 전

Disclaimer: the second photo is probably photo shopped

I was browsing reddit earlier and came across a post with these photos below. I think the second one is edited but I had to share because I thought it was kind of funny.

Buy High Sell Low

The post was claiming CNBC Fast Money was teaching people how to buy Ripple when it was priced at $2.57 USD... and then claiming they were also teaching people how to sell Ripple when it was priced at $0.71 USD.

Like I said, I don't think the second photo is real but wanted to share because I dislike the mainstream media manipulation on the cryptocurrency markets.

If you thought this was funny, or if share the same feelings of the mainstream media and their manipulation on the market then drop a comment below!


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I really like this post chasegapo!

Funny stuff man!

Are you sure the second picture is not real also? It would actually make sense if this really happened lol

Media helping the bears... I say let's:


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Haha i'm not sure but the second picture looks pretty fake to me :)

Hahha that was definitely pretty funny. Interesting how disconnected mass-media seems to be from "what's really goin on" or maybe that's just what they WANT us to think, mannn.....!!