Xaya - The Decentralised Gaming Development Environment

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The gaming industry has come a long way since the days of Atari and has continued to become a more immersive and rich media experience. The amount of processing power devices now have allowed us to provide longer narratives, complex puzzles and user mechanics, lifelike physics engines, rich storylines and naturally stunning graphics which have all helped taking gaming to an entirely new level.

In order to produce these rich gaming experiences, a considerable amount of resources are needed and gaming development is not always a profitable exercise. Gamers are demanding more for their money and aren't willing to part with cash for anything that they deem subpar.

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How Xaya wants to change gaming

For developers

Xaya wants to revolutionize gaming by providing an open and decentralised end to end system for games to be both developed on and run on in one digital economy. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are slowly being integrated into gaming and by providing gaming developers with the SDK and access to their blockchain makes it even easier to take advantage of this new technology while eliminating valuable coding integration and set up time so developers can focus on their product and not too much on the underlying tech that will run it.

For gamers

As for the end user, gamers can now enjoy playing their games on a completely autonomous system and does not have a single point of failure as with centralised third-party services. It also allows for the trade of in-game digital assets on an open marketplace where real-world value can be assigned to these gaming assets, essentially making them valuable in real life as well as in the game.

Security, transparency and safety

In order for this entire ecosystem to work there needs to be a level of safety that is unpredicted. Upsetting a gamer is the last thing you want to do as they will begin to leave in their droves very quickly, there is a finicky bunch.

XAYA aims to provide a security via its distributed ledger and node system that can be audited at any time so you can see your assets at all times, while being present a decentralized network helps to avoid the downtime and ensure 24/7 access without a single point of failure to bring it down or to be able to corrupt the network.

Playing their part

In order for Xaya to attract developers and publishers as well as gamers and showcase the power of their blockchain in a practical manner. Games need to be developed and deployed using the system which is what has been done with the following titles.

  • Huntercoin
  • Treat Fighter
  • Soccer Manager

Partnering with these various titles gives Xaya access to a host of gaming user databases, exposes their ecosystem to a range of different problems and playing use cases and stress tests the network to see if it can support these games.

It also helps introduce the concept of digital value assets and trading within games and showcases the practical and economic value of these concepts in a gaming environment.

Moving into VR

VR gaming has been a bit of a gimmick and we're still figuring out how to really make this immersive experience count when it comes to gaming. One of the ways blockchain can help improve VR is by safeguarding your avatar and all his interactions on a tamper-proof ledger so you're always assured that anytime you log in you can pick up right where you left off.

While secondly making VR more lifelike by facilitating trade in the game and with other users you meet. Allowing anyone to trade anything they may need will make gaming more sociable and lifelike.

Use cases for Xaya

Suppose you're a gamer and you've literally spent hours of your day creating this amazing unique character and collecting all the in-game riches and assets to power up this character. So many it is just a vanity item, a cool little hobby you happen to do in your spare time and in most cases, those people would be correct. However with Xaya and the way games can be set up with the concept of human mining the effort, in-game stats and unique and therefore you now have a rare digital asset that other players would find valuable.

Now let assume you have real-world costs you need to cover or you're simply not interested in the game, all those hours of playing do not need to go to waste. You could easily trade your character to someone in a peer to peer transaction on the Xaya marketplace blockchain within the game and receive Chi tokens which you could then by way of exchange cash out into fiat and spend it in the real world.

Gaming just become a worthwhile way to spend your time!

What I think of Xaya

While the project has some strong selling points and could be great for the indie market I do not see them breaking into the heavily dominated centralised gaming publisher market. The barrier to entry is too high and the ecosystem too competitive for one round of funding via an ICO. I don't really see a huge valuation for this coin and getting its off the ground would require more mainstream adoption and leveraging already established gaming user bases which is a tough sell.

All in all, a decent project I just don't think it has the market fit or the right time. If they can create the tech they promise the best move would be to sell it to an established publisher for a large exit.

Introduction to Xaya

More on XAYA

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Yea am still doing research about it. I have not gathered enough information.

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I wish one of the games I just quit had this so I could sell my top 20 account. It's fallen to top 50 now because I haven't been playing it for 4 weeks. Gaming on blockchain is going to be a pretty good market in the future.