Earn money in a fun and easy way with CateredContent!

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Hello dear Friends, in today's post we are going to explain about an amazing platform called CateredContent.com, where blog authors and cryptocurrency lovers can earn money in an easy way by just writing great articles. It's an awesome opportunity to share information and learn about blockchains and cryptocurrency aswell. With the discovery of blockchain, cryptos have been originated as an oportunist way of investment.

How does it work?

Constantly, CateredContent launches a contest on it's platform, these contests are sponsored by the various platforms and bloggers can take these opportunities and participate in them. Authors can share the link of their posts in Twitter, Instagram and youtube in each contest and increase their profits.

So, you may be asking: How do I participate in these wonderful events?

It is extremely simple, you can do it by just following 4 easy steps:

1. Click the Sign-up button, enter username, email and password and that way you are registered in the platform.

2. Edit your profile and add an Ethereum Address.

3. Enter the Active Events button to view the active events and participate by postulating an article.

4. Wait until the event is closed, the winners will be announced and then you will receive your prize.

Benefits of CateredContent

Profit Earnings:

As a writer you can have fun, earning money in the form of crypto from the comfort of your home, by just writing creative content, while you learn about blockchains and develop yourself in this currently booming cryptocurrency world.

Promotion of Companies:

What the companies want is the promotion or advertisement of their projects and you can do that for them by participating in CateredContent.com. It's a win-win situation, because they get their advertisement while you earn your compensation for the hard work, the harder you work, higher will be the reward.

Ranking System

Something recently added in this platform is the option for users to visualize their reputation, which will increase by participating in the contests, the more you participate higher will be your ranking, starting as a fish and going up in level. In the future reputation is the platform will be rewarded.


The cryptocurrency of the reward is mostly STEEM, but sometimes the reward can be related to the contest platform. The reward in each contest depends of the quality, spelling, coherence and writing. Better the work, greater the reward!

That's all my friends, if you want to earn money while sharing your amazing writing to the world and learn about blockchains and cryptos. Don't hesitate, participate now!

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