NOIA Network - Decentralized Alternative to Content Delivery

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Hello fellow Steemians,

Billions of people throughout the world use the internet every day. That gives great opportunity for improvements to be made continuously. One of the latest projects I've been researching involves the NOIAnetwork. This is a project that aims to shake up and alter the way that content is delivered across the internet. We are trying to get as many people involved with their TestNet as we can, it's one of the best methods to further this project. Full details and explanation of their TestNet and how to sign up for it below.

In the days where countries like the United States are talking about laws such as "Net Neutrality" where they will set rules on how content is delivered across the internet, we can take our own private sector approach to it. We can approach this from a business perspective and try to accomplish the goal of delivering content to users faster but in a decentralized manner. The more solutions we can come up with that are out of governments hands the better, particularly when you can earn some good crypto while your computer does the work for you.


There are many things that we take advantage of when it comes to the internet and content in our fast paced 24 hour-a-day life cycle. I can remember when I was a teenager, here in America, having to connect to the internet via a dial-up modem where you would use a service such as America On Line (AOL), Walmart, Prodigy, NetZero and other companies. The speed at which these services used to operate would make us pull our hair out in here in 2018. When you were trying to load a website or pictures it would load lines of pixels at a time. Part of the reason the speeds at which services operated slowly back in those days, besides the internet speed itself, is the lack of proliferation of some innovations that we take full advantage of today. One of these innovations that helps these content speeds particularly well is the technology of "Content Delivery Network's."

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Content Delivery Networks or CDN's are one of the best enhancements that were made with the increasing expansion of the internet and the technology that surrounds it. These networks are web servers that are housed in data centers across the world. Source
Major companies like Facebook and Google have these servers in nearly every part of the world because people use these platforms every second of the day. These web servers function to deliver the content that you are trying to access in a much closer location to you. For example, it's difficult to access a service like Steemit if the servers are hosted in Texas but you live in Australia. The loading times would be incredibly long and it wouldn't be an efficient way to deliver content you would like to customers across the world. With CDN's, the companies will purchase space in data centers in various parts of a country or the world depending on their audience. This allows much faster content delivery times since you are closer to where you are trying to retrieve data.
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When a business wants to start delivering its content on the internet, there are many ways that they can do it. One of the most popular way to do this is to pay a company for content delivery. The costs of this vary; some have package deals others are exclusively content delivering. Most of these are not a decentralized option though so it's just sticking with how things are done and not allowing innovation to take root. The biggest players in the CDN market, Akami and Amazon, are hampered by the lack of the bandwidth to innovate their products.

We all like to see a website that is well organized with images, links, backgrounds, headers, footers and lots of other sections that together creates an attractive website. It's difficult for me to believe but that type of website won't attract many new customers in our ever changing digital environment. Some of the best ways to attract new customers and build a brand and website is to use video, animated GIF's and high quality, high definition images. Delivering that content uses up a lot of data.
For example, the cost for delivering 10 Terabytes (TB) of content to people who live in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa is 800$ per month using the Microsoft Azure platform. source 10 TB worth of data in a company that is heavily active on their website and on various media platforms gets used up really fast. That also does not take into consideration people outside those zones; companies charge premium prices for delivering data to less represented parts of the world.

NOIA solution

NOIA aims to solve many of the problems we have in the content delivery market today in parts of the world that do not have great coverage for datacenters that the large companies use. Large companies like Microsoft, Akami and Amazon are spread throughout the world but they charge higher prices for content delivery in many parts of the world such as South America, India and Asia. sourcesource I envision that with NOIA and the users who sign up for it, they will be able to offer these large companies access to their network. NOIA does not want to join the market as direct competition to these already largely established companies. That is a fight that is very difficult and it's great that they acknowledge this and plan to instead complement these companies in regions of the world not well represented. According to data from 2017, globally the internet connection speeds of greater than 10 megabytes per second is improving in it's expansion but still only 53%. The biggest areas where it has room to grow are in Latin America (27% currently, 73% do not have these speeds), the Middle East and Africa (17% currently, 83% do not have these speeds). source These regions also have the least amount of datacenters and Points of Presence (PoP) in these areas. This is a great opportunity for projects like NOIA to come in and offer a great service for the large companies to expand into these regions. NOIA can connect many individuals in these regions and offer not only a great product for a large company like Amazon looking to expand their reach, but with the presence of NOIA the region itself gains a partner in helping to improve speeds at which content is delivered.

The costs of owning a server are quite extraordinary. For a business that's just starting out, let's say you want a server that's a bit better than a basic unit. You want to run more than just a small web server since you host lots of content like GIF's and short video clips. Overall cost for just the server is 7,653$ a year! source After you set up that initial server, the method of CDN's is to set up web servers in various places. One of those web servers, according to this one companies prices, is 4,435$. sourceThat doesn't include if you need content delivery. From a small business perspective where every dollar needs to add up, that's a very expensive cost. Having one of those web servers in datacenters across the United States and across the world to ensure that your content is delivered to a wide audience you can imagine how expensive that will be, never mind the support nightmare for a growing business. The NOIA solution will allow the individual to only require purchasing their initial server that they are hosting their content on. NOIA will then get the information that you want delivered from your server, transfer it to its Master Nodes and from there they go to the Worker Nodes as people around the network access the content. They also offer a blend solution; NOIA can be the sole CDN that you use or they can complement an existing CDN you are using without interfering. NOIA Whitepaper, page 25,26The latter option is where I think that NOIA can truly do well in the under-represented parts of the world. I think that it has the small business feel to it where they are more connected to their users than the large conglomerates are particularly because they are offering a decentralized platform that relies on its users (worker nodes), wherever in the world those users are.
Find below the chart of price comparisons that show NOIA is poised to be a key resource in the game of CDN that is applicable to both large companies as well as individuals.


As you can see their prices are far lower with much more applicability having a large presence of nodes utilizing normal folks instead of datacenters.

Technical Specs
The folks at NOIA use a complex blend of content scaling layers (CSL) and governance layers to assist in using the platform from a buyers and users perspective.
Content scaling layers: a combination of peer-to-peer (p2p) file scaling, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. source pg4They are combining all of the latest technical innovations into their network.
Governance Layer: a set of smart contracts that rule how NOIA tokens are held as well as transferred to worker nodes and users.source pg4

NOIA will cache popular content on their nodes and incorporate AI in learning how to best deliver content. For example, it will cache the trending topics here on the Steemit trending page because a large number of people would view that content daily so it will speed up that delivery. If a group of people from a region click on the trending page here on Steemit at 12 noon, the AI technology will learn the pattern and cache the page in more of the nodes that are closer to the individuals to deliver the content faster.NOIA Technical Paper

NOIA TestNet

The NOIA TestNet is now open. I was not able to sign up for the TestNet due to being a resident of the United States. You cannot sign up for the TestNet if you are a US resident or:

a resident of the People’s Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Taiwan & Macau), Japan, Canada, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Vanuatu, Yemen, Afghanistan, Burundi, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Republic of Guinea, Republic of Guinea Bissau, Libya, Myanmar, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan. source

To sign up for it, you should go to their Medium post here. This post directs you to go to their NOIA network dashboard where you sign up. After signing up you give them personal information in a KYC form.
I personally didn't know what a KYC form was but it stands for Know Your Customer. This is one of the new benchmarks for digital transactions used by many groups throughout the world. It's used for increased scrutiny and verification in an increasingly anonymous age of the internet. source It seems like a lot of information to be giving but I think it's a good step, it verifies that the people who are signing up and using this service are legitimate and not signing up to scam people and steal money. I think this KYC form and their requirement of people filling it out is a positive step for the NOIA folks.

Once you complete your dashboard registration, you then visit their GitHub page which is where they have their files. They have clients for PC, MAC as well as Linux. There are certificate warnings though telling you about an unknown publisher. This is due to them being open source and not having full code signing certificates but they are in the process of acquiring those.
Their GitHub page has a great section for issues with the software.

As of August 29th 2018, the TestNet has 628 active Nodes, out of a total of 4,429 nodes. Those 628 active nodes created 80 Terabytes of data storage! That's 4,429 people who are helping change the way we can deliver content across the internet.

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I also find it important in the environment we are in on the internet, where people are constantly trying to steal information, is to ensure that our information is safe and secure. A fellow Steemian is the first one I've seen to comment about it directly and has ensured us that the TestNet is safe and free of infections. Thanks @thetimetravelerz. I performed the virus scan myself on both the Windows client as well as the source code and came up with the same results.



Ending thoughts
I want everyone to understand that the NOIA project is one that is quite complex in its specificity. The sections I have covered are ones that I deemed important and felt I would benefit from learning about and interpreting for people to read and digest. Please connect with NOIA via their website or various social media platforms and check them out for yourself. Their papers are great at explaining their mindset and vision for the project so those are a great resource to look at as well.

It's also important that we get more people signed up for and using the TestNet. There is one very important thing I've learned in my career and that's the importance of testing! Thorough testing that is performed on platforms is the best way that we can ensure the platform has widespread acceptance and smooth usability. The only way that we can do that is for people to sign up, use it and help them work out the kinks! Perspective is important for testing as well; there are often times where one individual looks at something they have tested and thinks it looks acceptable. Another individual comes along and quickly notices a deficiency that wasn't apparent to the first. When we all work together we can ensure that the product that gets rolled out to the public is the best version yet and can only be improved with greater use. It is unfortunate that I cannot participate in the TestNet due to geographical restrictions but I am confident that those restrictions will decrease and more users will be allowed to give this platform a try.

Social Media links

To get all of their great updates, connect with them on their various social media accounts:

You can also check out some other peoples reviews of this same topic. I think as a whole we have covered it quite well!

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NOIA Whitepaper
NOIA Technical Paper

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hello friend, I found couple of interesting points that I had not seen in other reviews, the first is that you show that there is no risk of viruses, that point is very important because we are going to install software on our PC, and the second is the ban for some countries for the tesnet, do you know why that happens?



Thanks for reading it! I was most concerned with the protections of this platform as well. Internet security is one of the most important issues, particularly when we share so much information nowadays. Having something like this where we are giving a company access to our computer throughout the day, security is a top priority for me!

I don't know why they do not allow people in certain countries access to the TestNet. I was disappointed since the United States is one of them! I wanted to join. That being said however, @crypto.piotr had contacted NOIA about that and they might make the KYC form optional or eliminate it for the TestNet. I think that making it optional is the ideal route; many people should still fill it out if they live in a region that allows the TestNet but others such as residents of the US and Canada should have it optional. This allows us to participate as well!


In regard to viruses and the content distribution layer: using a blockchain to cryptographically secure essential aspects of information technology is the future. It is counter-intuitive to the way cyber-security exists today. The ground up approach, not so much to security, but to peer-to-peer networking eliminates the conventional methods of a virus attack. Peer-to-peer networks are more like a series of firm handshakes than the grouping of pigs eating out of a Facebook, Google, or Amazon trough that we have today. I have even read about a security specialist stating outright that decentralized cryptographic digital ledgers will put hackers out of business.

@cmplxty NOIA solution targets on to solve many of the problems in the content delivery market today in parts of the world that do not have great coverage for data centers that the large companies use.

Concept is unique and favorable, your efforts and objectives are awesome. @printskill



Thanks! I foresee that NOIA will really benefit in those parts of the world not represented well in the markets of CDN's.

I am very aware of the NOIA network but my curiosity is if they are working on Android version of node application.


Ah that’s an interesting point. I don’t think they are expanding it currently to mobile builds unless android has a desktop version. I think it would be interesting to have a tablet version so we could connect our iPad and other tablets to it. This would help since a lot of people no longer have pc or laptop computers anymore.

Valuable update! It's amazing how quickly the testnet spreads! The KYC part i dont like, especially i wonder as for a mere technical purposes this is really necessary.


Thanks for reading my post!
I disagree with some aspects of the KYC form but I also can appreciate others. The KYC really helps identify individuals and make sure that, in my understanding, it's a 1:1 ratio. One person to one account similar to Steemit. I don't think that they want multiple people signing up under different names and email addresses to take advantage of the Air Drop. It's also becoming more of a standard for online transactions from what I was reading. There is a lot of great aspects of anonymity in the internet but when it comes to the transactions that involve money and potentially large amounts of it, you want to know who is who.
As far as the KYC being required for the TestNet though, I can disagree with that necessity. When this project gets off the ground and is rolled out and usable by large companies then yes I certainly think that the KYC form would be quite important; we want to ensure that the people who are signing up to be a node are legitimate. It also helps to fend off people who want to infect the network; they would be able to trace back the infection, in theory at least, to the node and have the persons information that is attached to that node to isolate them and take appropriate action.

I congratulate you for your great work! I noticed that you did a lot of emphasis on the technical aspects of NOIA NETWORK and of course the promotion of TESTNET!

You have a brilliant way of expressing the information without letting go of the least detail, I congratulate you, you can see that you have researched a lot and used the white paper a lot.

Additionally, let me thank you for the support you gave to my NOIA publication, your help is of great value!
Lucky friend!


Thanks for reading it! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed researching the project. Reading the white and technical paper all I was thinking about was how this project can assist those in regions of the world that do not have great CDN and internet connection speed representation. This will allow the people in those regions to learn about amazing things such as block chain technology and we could have some real genius minds there that we don’t even know about!

Clean and Clear explanation of the problems of the Internet and how NOIA slides in, not to compete but to collaborate to solve the problem especially for third world countries to have better internet experiences!


Thanks! Yes that is certainly the main focus of my post here and research; how NOIA can assist those in countries not well represented in the technology aspect of the internet and all those that live in countries like the United States take for granted. I think when we can achieve greater distribution to those areas, there will be much greater representation of people there in social media platforms such as Steemit and others. It is a great win for us all.

This post has received a 26.85 % upvote from @boomerang.


Another great review @cmplxty. It's hard not to notice that NOIA network is steadily moving forward with their project.

Did you have a chance to participate in their testnet? You could share ref link so you would be rewarded for anyone who join their network and create own node using your ref link



Thanks! I think they will certainly get a bunch of people here from the Steemit platform to give them a try.

Dear friend @cmplxty, let me congratulate you for your article about NOIA. It is really informative.

The project is fascinating. The benefits outweigh any investment that any interested company should make. Quoting Aristotle, NOIA: "THE EVERYTHING IS MORE THAN THE SUM OF THE PARTIES".

It is currently in the development phase and TestNet is being implemented. Could you clarify a few points please?

  • The invitation to participate in this TestNet is also open to large companies that could be future NOIA clients?

  • If I participate in the testnet, I also start to benefit from the technology and the CDNs of NOIA?

Thank you for giving us such valuable information.


Thanks for reading my post. You pose two great questions so let me connect with NOIA via their Telegram and see if they have some information they can provide us. I think both are great questions.

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Great job my friend @cmplxty.

You explained everything very well. What is NOIA, how it will solve our problems and the testnet. Also the image comparison which shows With CDN & Without CDN - it's great.

Thank you for such a great review. With this article I am feeling more confident and comfortable towards NOIA.

Once again great work my friend @cmplxty.


Thanks! I learned a lot about many things while coming up with this review. I had no idea what a CDN was or the complexities involved with using one versus not. I also learned a lot about crypto and the blockchain technology that we all use! It has expanded my knowledge quite a bit.


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What an great efforts, appreciated your efforts, I hope it will be a great project in future


Thanks! I think this project will really benefit those in the regions of the world not well represented by the technology that those in the United States and others enjoy, so for that I am looking forward to!

Hi @cmplxty your post flows very well . Highlighting the problem and how NOIA provides a solution. Great post. I enjoyed reading it.
Good Luck my friend :)


Thank you, I got some great ideas to expand upon some content from your post! I think that each person brings a personal touch to what they find relevant so I appreciate that and build off it.


Dear @cmplxty I am glad my post could Inspire you :)
You are right each person brings in their own touch and interpretation

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I envision that with NOIA and the users who sign up for it, they will be able to offer these large companies access to their network.

This is quite a different perspective than needing permission to log onto the WWW. Easy to see why some countries are against blockchains. This is actually an ideal form of small business operation within the USA.

Glad to have read your paper. Hope we connect in the future @cmplxty.


Thanks for reading!
What do you mean by seeing why some countries against the blockchain? Do you mean from the perspective of the big business loving United States hating the blockchain because they are bringing additional opportunity to regions of the world that don't have as much technology? Or am I understanding your comment incorrectly?


My question was indeed abstract and meant to inspire discussion. What I was getting at is how dictatorships and other non-free countries limit the access of their people so they become oblivious to their rights and freedoms.

A true (decentralized and immutable) digital ledger would result in individuals more in control of their daily efforts. Regarding my quote of a passage from your article and subsequent comments:

  • I meant to highlight how either big business or government run industries would need to come to the users of the NOIA network rather than vice versa.

Besides shifting the power structure, it promotes a small business structure that can respond to intricate details of local markets that big big business with large bureaucracies would overlook.

Am I still being vague? :) We are discussing a lot of intangible.


No you are much clearer now. I wasn’t sure if you and I were seeing eye to eye on it. I was going to discuss it further if we did not but it looks like we indeed see quite similarly! Thank you for explaining further. I too see this as benefiting people in regions of the world where governments and businesses are stifling the potential genius of their citizens to come up with great technology.


I was actually hoping to inspire further discussion. This needs to be a media topic. Else we will be waiting for another generation to grow up and take the ball. For instance, I just heard a story about Cuban Internet access. "Would you believe" :) that having something as simple as a Facebook account is not even an afterthought? Many just wish for an email account. If that is how some of us still live in the western hemisphere, I can just imagine the old world.

Howdy friend!
I personally am proud of these efforts put together by NOIA to decentralise internet usage for the users of cause without the primary or direct involvements of the government and their dictates for the benefit of just any user around the world.
Nice review done. You guys are brilliant at what you do, I give you all that.


Thanks for the nice comment!
I agree that the NOIA network has the opportunity to remove the government and people who are intentionally reducing the internet speeds and capabilities for people all around the world from having as much power as they do now over this CDN concept. As we know how big business focused the US is and how they squash the little guy, I think this will allow many more of the "little guys" to benefit from what we take advantage of here in the US. It will bring equal opportunity in the future for projects in these regions to have the quality connection speed to its desired users at a far lower cost than the big companies (which seemingly intentionally charge prices that they know people cannot afford).

Hi @cmplxty This is top quality content. I think you made it very clear how NOIA interns to change the CDN market and it is quite interesting.

Those 628 active nodes created 80 Terabytes of data storage!

This is lovely for a start! and I fancy NOIA to take over the CDN market. Too bad your country is restricted, hopefully that will be adjusted soon.


Thanks for the comment. I think that NOIA will revolutionize the way the CDN market will operate. It currently exists because a couple big companies are monopolizing the market. NOIA, in my vision, will disrupt this unfair practice and bring more innovation and force companies to rethink the way they are operating. I just hope that the project holds true to its values and does not end up selling itself to Amazon or Akami who would then just shut the project down. Those companies do those methods every week to ensure that competition they do not want does not exist for their popular products.

I hope that the TestNet will have the KYC form become optional. The form is important for security but I think the KYC is more important for the live product rather than the TestNet.

Congratulations @cmplxty!
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That’s pretty cool thanks, I’ve never had a post hit such a place. Hopefully more people read it and comment!

Excellent review of NOIA Network, Mr. @cmplxty.

I like the way you explained how NOIA will be a good solution for small entrepreneurs who want to start their own web content service. Fortunately, the price for data transfer is the lowest by using NOIA and it offers an excellent decentralized CDN service; so is a win-win situation.

Sorry to hear you can not participate in the NOIA's Testnet Airdrop.

Good job, mate!


Thank you! I think that NOIA will certainly be able to offer great services to small businesses throughout the world. It’s one of my favorite aspects of the project.
I spoke with the NOIA team and I think there is a way for me to join their TestNet, I am hoping to give it a try this weekend!


Excellent news!

i am new hare . so pls follow me


I would like to. However can you please read my post and make some comments on what you think the value is? If you do that then I will gladly follow you.

Thanks for reading it.. ...!!! Proud to be an indian nice to see that cryptocurrency at work of networking ....and better improvement i hope this will work faster...

  ·  3년 전

I must say, this is a great post @cmplxty


Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. Is there a particular section you enjoyed or felt that it really seemed like a good idea on the notion of NOIA and what they are trying to accomplish?

This is a really solid research @cmplxty, thanks for taking the time and deliver this extensive article!


Thanks! It was great to write it; I learned a lot about crypto, CDN's and the technology that surrounds it all. I even shared these thoughts with some of my friends and they had no idea of this hidden infrastructure that we all unknowingly rely on so heavily.

Great and interesting analysis @cmplxty. It definitely significantly improved my knowledge about amazing NOIA project, although I have already read a lot of reviews on this topic. Keep it up mate :)

Greetings, Jan


Thanks for reading! Is there a section I elaborated on here that you felt was a different perspective? I like how each of us that reviewed it had a unique perspective so I am interested in how one varied from another.

@cmplxty...... I am very impressed with your write up and I must say you have actually done a very great job to come up with this lovely and comprehensive write up about NOIA Network.

In the days where countries like the United States are talking about laws such as "Net Neutrality" where they will set rules on how content is delivered across the internet, we can take our own private sector approach to it. We can approach this from a business perspective and try to accomplish the goal of delivering content to users faster but in a decentralized manner. The more solutions we can come up with that are out of governments hands the better, particularly when you can earn some good crypto while your computer does the work for you.

I really got attracted to the Net Neutrality you wrote about because if this is taken into consideration, does this means content writers will be more mindful or careful about whatever they want to publish on the internet? Isn't this going to hinder people from expressing their minds or thoughts via the internet?

I actually love the initiative of NOIA Network as they also enable people earn while using their computer to surf the internet. This is actually a great Initiative and I hope to join the testnet very soon if I have gotten my PC.

I also find it important in the environment we are in on the internet, where people are constantly trying to steal information, is to ensure that our information is safe and secure.

Lols... This is a bad act always happening on the internet as people earn by stealing people's content through plagiarism and other important or secret files are also stolen by people also. I just know what people gain in doing such a shameless act. It is even preferable you ask for permission before such.

Please connect with NOIA via their website or various social media platforms and check them out for yourself.

The fact is that NOIA is widely and popularly known with the help of great SEO writers like you and people are also testifying to the great benefits after joining their testnet.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla in courtesy of @crypto.piotr 💗🙌😁.


Thanks for your detailed response! When I refer to Net Neutrality, I am referring to the government allowing the large internet companies the ability to control at which speed you can access content. In my understanding this means that say for example Comcast has put Company A on a internet speed that is slower for people to access than the speed they give google because google pays them more money since they earn more money. In my perspective and understanding Company A would then contract with NOIA to speed up their content delivery with its decentralized mass of nodes linking together. This would then subvert the political scam that is the Net Neutrality law by allowing private sector companies to even the playing field for much less money.

Plagiarism is certainly a challenge that is difficult to overcome. Thankfully with the internet it’s easier to spot, especially with the block chain. Immutable blockchain solutions in academic centers will be a great benefit to curbing this unfair practice.
Thanks to @crypto.piotr for organizing this whole project as well as promoting communication and sharing these types of posts for us all to look at!