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Back in 2013, I was given 1500 XRP (Ripple) for signing up to their now defunct wallet service. I hung on to those coins and they made me a tidy profit this year. Since token giveaways have become so popular, I've made it a habit to sign up to their free token airdrops. Some are just straight giveaways and others ask you to complete simple social media tasks.

Most of these tokens will probably not get off the ground but for a small investment in time you could make a nice profit off one of them if they become successful. 

Here are a few random ones I signed up this week:

AffliateCoin (ALF)

 "AffiliateCoin is a decentralised Affiliate Marketing network that uses Smart Contracts to create secure, indisputable transactions on the Blockchain"

AffliateCoin Airdrop Link


 "CEEK  IS AN AWARD-WINNING DEVELOPER of hardware and software for Omni-channel  distribution of Virtual Reality (VR) experiences who creates, curates,  and distributes VR content for world-class partners on the CEEK Virtual  Reality Platform and patented headsets. CEEK provides several channels  of VR content (both originally created and professionally licensed) over  CEEK VR’s experience distribution platform, which can be viewed from  ANY VR headset."

CEEK Airdrop Link

Ethearnal (ERT) 

"Ethearnal is a peer-to-peer (P2P) freelance system, in which  employers and freelancers meet, enter into trustless smart contracts  with reputation and money in escrow, and take advantage of a  decentralized system of moderators if needed. We collide reputation and  economic initiatives into one by tokenizing reputation and giving it  value."

Ethearnal Airdrop Link

 The dock protocol is an open network revolutionizing how apps access user data and communicate with one another. User data powers nearly every consumer facing app on the web. Airdrop Link

Refereum (RFM)

" Refereum is a distribution and growth platform  that cuts out the marketing middleman, enables higher profits for  developers, and directly rewards influencers and gamers to promote and  play games. 

Refereum Airdrop Link

BitBix Token

BitBix is an open decentralized cryptocurrency,  built on the innovative Ethereum blockchain. BitBix is designed to  streamline and solve various constraints associated with social network  gaming by assembling premium and intriguing innovations. 

BitBix Airdrop Link

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Whats up boss! Feel free to check out some of the airdrops on my page, there all legit airdrops going on, feel free to spread the word! Congrats on the xrp gains, can't complain with that!!

Hey there @cryptobarry! What exactly does airdrop mean?