Introducing OnePageX: The cryptocurrency exchange with a simple user interface and the largest selection of cryptocurrencies


Value is Important

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Venture capitalist William Mougayar calls blockchain “the second significant overlay on the internet, just as the web was the first layer back in 1990”. When most people think of blockchain, Bitcoin instantly comes to mind. But the potential that excites Mougayar and many others goes far beyond financial transactions made using such digital currencies. It touches on what called “the Internet of Value.”

Blockchain enables value exchange

Until now, selling, buying or exchanging these assets has required an intermediary like a bank, marketplace (physical or digital), credit card company, or third-party booking service like Airbnb. Blockchain technology, including Ripple’s solution, allows assets to be transferred from one party directly to another, with no middleman. The transfer is validated, permanent, and completed instantly. At last value will be able to move around the world as information does.


The way these exchanges performed their transactions was also not very effective and efficient. Going through multiple pages to perform multiple transactions is an example of the ineffectiveness of these cryptocurrency pages.

Let's look at some pertinent issues facing exchange platforms

  1. Low level privacy:

Protecting privacy as a priority one can be for some people associated with “dark web” or illegal activities. Bitcoin faced this problem from the very beginning but now it is considered more as a revolutionary money for new generation than illegal channel for transferring or money laundry. Every big innovation has two sides, like a coin (flip a coin and choose: head or tail). It always depends on people how they gonna use it.

  1. Complicated Interface

A lot of Cryptocurrencies are out there lie you can see on and this is tedious and ridiculous for users to get everything together, with the intentions to create an efficient and workable means of exchange between these cryptocurrencies, the user interface of these exchanges become complex.

Hence, because most of these exchanges require registration of users, which mostly involves verification using government issue I.D, these exchange interfaces become more complex as more pages are required for data collection, and confusion arises.

  1. No website Implementation.


A final issue facing these exchanges was that most of them could not be implemented on websites. This is a big issue, when users are looking for a way to do exchange of cryptocurrency without the need for leaving the specific website they are currently on.

  1. Few Selections Of Cryptocurrency

images (10).png

A lot of exchange platform only have few different coins you can do exchange from... This makes you not to be versatile, in some cases you have to start signing up for another exchange which makes everything complex.

These issues continues to bring down exchanges. However, OnePageX has shed a light at the end of the tunnel, which all and sundry should walk towards.

Introducing OnePageX


OnePageX is abbreviation for OnePageExchange. As the name implies, OnePageX is a platform that allows the secured exchange of cryptocurrencies, on just ONE PAGE, albeit without all the issues rocking other cryptocurrency exchanges. The main idea behind OnePageX is to achieve the trading and converting of cryptocurrencies in the simplest, effective and most efficient way possible. Infact, let us delve into the whole cake, as we look at some features of OnePageX.

This platform allows the exchange of Bitcoins to more than 140 cryptocurrencies, including ETH, LTC, GoChain, etc. In the following image, you can see all the cryptocurrencies that the platform handles.





  1. No Registration

OnePageX does not require a registration of users, which grants a certain level of privacy since the transactions would not be fully traceable, this is important for me since exchanging cryptocurrencies in my country is somewhat complicated.

If I do not have to register how can I know the status of my transaction?

Once you make a transaction, a URL link is generated which you can save and when you enter that URL link you can verify the transactions made, that is, the URL would be something like your OnePageX account.

  1. Supports Numerous Cryptocurrencies:
    OnePageX supports a large number of cryptocurrencies. Infact, currently, there are 140+ cryptocurrencies that are listed on the OnePageX platform.


  1. Fair pricing:


Do you know OnePageX integrates itself with different exchanges?, and it gives the best price for any given cryptocurrency. Infact, you can be rest assure that the price of a cryptocurrency on OnePageX can never be beaten by any other exchanges.

  1. A simple Interface

image (12).png

OnePageX has a very simple user interface, one built to enable even less crypto-tech savvy individuals to easily perform cryptocurrency exchanges in the fastest time possible, and with the slimmest possibility for error.

How Does It Work

No knowledge of the way to use a product makes abuse inevitable, hence the need for the elaborate illustration on the usage of OnePageX platform as follows:

Pick the cryptocurrency you want to convert Bitcoin (Other cryptocurrencies will be added in the future) to.

Here are the steps :

image (15).png

Then decide on the amount of bitcoin we wish to exchange. It has a live calculator showing you how much of the altcoin you will be receiving, below we can see an example with the altcoin NEO because that’s the one I used for my transaction.


indicate the altcoin and its corresponding address where we want to receive the money. In the following image I added my NEO address:

image (16).png

Click where it says “Start Exchange”, and we will then encounter a screen like to this one:

image (17).png

OnePageX indicates the address to which we must send the BTC, and our altcoin address from the previous steps.

After you sent the BTC, then you will see the status of our transaction being updated in the bottom right corner. Below you can see the different statuses in the order they appear:


after specifying the amount of bitcoin to exchange, selecting the preferred cryptocurrency, and specifying the wallet address, the “Start Exchange” button can be clicked, to begin the exchange process.

start exchange (1).PNG

Transaction cards can then be used to keep tabs on the status of the exchange processes.

Integration with other websites

image (18).png
Besides being extremely easy to use, OnePageX can also be easily integrated with every website with its widget called “OneBox”, it uses the following HTML code.

The Future of OnePageX

The OnePageX beta is already live and open to use for cryptocurrency conversion. However, in line with its vision of enabling the trading of most cryptocurrencies, the OnePageX team will continue to add more cryptocurrency assets to its growing database of over 150+ cryptocurrencies, so that users can have a wider range of cryptocurrencies to work with.

Hence, for now, conversions can be made only from bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies. The OnePageX team will add other cryptocurrencies e.g. STEEM in the future, so that users have more choices to work with.

Finally, being open to feedback, the OnePageX team will continuously make updates to the OnePageX page, adding features that will improve its capacity to effectively serve users.

Use Case


Sandra is a College student and urgently needs to buy some shoes that she saw on sale; which are sold in Ripple , so she decides to borrow his friend Dan. Dan only has BTC. However, Helen does not like having BTC because of its high fees per transaction. Fortunately, she recently knew OnePageX. So she decides to use it because it allows converting BTC to Ripple quickly, without having to register in any exchange and having to wait to complete the KYC processes.

Sandra enters the OnePageX website and performs the operation, OnePageX gives her a BTC address to perform the exchange. Sandra sends the BTC address to her friend. Dan can finally make a transaction to the indicated BTC address. A few minutes later, Helen receives the converted amount on her Ripple wallet and can happily buy the shoes, and clothes she wanted.


OnePageXis a great alternative to exchange a cryptocurrency in another, quickly and anonymously, without having to register any personal information in the process. Its interactive and simple interface facilitates the negotiation process, as well as the possibility of exchanging more than 140 cryptocurrencies.

OnePageX platform has just been launched and that in the future it will have more types of cryptocurrencies to exchange.

More Information & Resources:

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