PrimeXBT 2020 ADVFN Award Best Crypto Leveraged Futures Trading + FX +Commodity +CFD 50% Off Fees + 2x Deposit Bonus For Limited Time



What Is PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT is a multi-asset Bitcoin-based trading platform known for offering long and short positions on forex, crypto, commodities, and stock indices.

The platform has enjoyed a surge in users recently due to its diversity of trading instruments. Many platforms will focus on just one category or market – Bitcoin, stocks, forex, or other. PrimeXBT has them all on one platform together.

The possibilities in portfolio building are nearly endless, with over 50+ trading instruments available according to the company website.

With Bitcoin as the base currency of all accounts, the platform must rely on its proprietary, industry-best technology.

PrimeXBT is built on a custom trading engine, designed for speed, security, and reliability from the ground up. 99.9% uptime is possible due to the constant development and improvement of internal technology.

Why PrimeXBT Is The Best Futures Solution

Currently PrimeXBT offers 1000x leveraged trading on cfd, forex, and crypto, while maintaining the lowest fees in the market and lowest deposit minimums.

PrimeXBT, a Bitcoin-based exchange offers a strong value proposition and entry into the traditional markets. The award-winning platform not only opens up the world of Bitcoin trading, but it also gives access to the worldwide market from a single, Bitcoin funded, account.

It is also quick and efficient as PrimeXBT only requires a simple signup, email confirmation, a small funding of your PrimeXBT wallet with BTC and you are ready to start trading over 50 global markets including commodities, such as Gold, Silver and Oil, Indices, Forex currencies and of course, Cryptocurrencies.

The decision to not require KYC documents also works in favor of traders who want to get trading quick — as there is no wait time — but it also offers enhanced privacy and data protection. Recently, there has been a spate of data leaks and hacks which have led to people’s sensitive information, like their passports and residency information leaked to the dark web, and sold off. This is why PrimeXBT respects user privacy and requires no individual information from clients.

Also for a limited time, if you sign up through this article and enter the phrase TheMoon, you will be given both a 50 percent fee reduction for signing up and a 2x deposit bonus that can be used on margin only (basically gives you more safety to prevent liquidation, huge in the futures world and the only company to offer anything remotely close).

Furthermore they have the worlds top ranked affiliate program right now and by joining here you can create a 5 level affiliate downline that gives you 50 percent of commission of the bat, giving you a cut all the way down the 5th level!

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More so, the platform not only allows for traders to use Bitcoin to fund their traditional trading, it adds high leverage that has become so popular and common in Bitcoin trading. High leveraging allows traders to make big profits by essentially allowing the trader to open positions much larger than their own capital. It is of course risky, but when markets are like they are, it is a good chance to multiply profits up to 1,000 on stock indices, forex, and commodities.

What makes PrimeXBT even more inviting is that its trading terminal is extremely user friendly, and for Bitcoin traders who want to enter into the traditional side of things, it is easy to customize the terminal and make it comfortable for what they are used to. But even more than that, there are advanced trading tools that come alongside the built-in charting software. The offering of long and short positions is vital for traders to profit when markets are dropping, while there are also hedge positions and stop-loss orders to use.

Finally, this is a scary, but exciting, time to trade and that is another reason why PrimeXBT is such a good option as they not only have bank-grade security that uses address whitelisting, two-factor authentication and Cloudflare DDoS Protection, but also offer 24/7 customer support chat and are always available on email and Telegram should things not work out.

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