Maui DemiGod like Patience For BO$$ Profits

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One of the Legendary lines of investing by Warren Buffet is "The ... market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." Maui the Disney character played by "Dwayne The Rock Johnson" in Moana waited 1000 years to get back to his goal after stealing the heart of Tahiti. After finally getting back to where he was, he far exceeded it by saving Moana's Village and becoming a Legend to not only himself but to the people. Hopefully we do not have to wait that long, but staying patient is important to keeping the market from leaving you out to sea.

After months of green to a market high of almost $850 Billion in market cap, we hit a strong pull back that left many newbies like Moana stuck on the island afraid to venture out to sea. We now seem to be in a trading range with very little movement. These are the times to believe in your picks, and have the attitude "Don't mess with Maui when he's on the break-away", have the guts to ladder add to your positions at significant discounts to previous highs. The market will eventually reach new highs as many experts believe the crypto market will far exceed $2 Trillion in the short/medium term and potentially long term even up to $20 Trillion.

When there is blood in the waters, be the shark, not the chum. Don't be Maui when he was unsure of his powers. While some have turned negative, those who have been in he game a while are smart enough to know that this is not the first time we have seen this. While past results are not indicative of future results, each time we have seen major corrections, the crypto market has come back stronger in a matter of weeks or months. (Unfortunately days feel like weeks and weeks feel like months in Crypto) In the end, The Crypto game calls me "I am Moana of Montunui and you will go to the moon, that's how far I'll go."

Don't be the one who allows others to transfer your future profits. If you stay steady and don't over trade, you may read this again only to hear "Your Welcome" as your sailing away with your BO$$ Profits. AND THANK YOU.


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*This is not financial advice, just my opinion
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I am just hodl my crypto for as long as it takes..


The Beautiful Moment

Nice analogy. I agree that patience is needed here. Anyone who bought into crypto before Nov 17 should still be up and if you bought in jan 17 you’ll be 6x your original investment. It’s only those who bought in after Nov that have lost.
However we have got used to regular gains of multiple % and anything less feels like failure!!


I love your veiw and will be following


Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it. Followed and upvoted as we build this steem community.


Nov 17 was just about the time I got into the cryptosphere, right after the bitcoin Fork, I can both say it was an amazing time to jump in and a very bad one, since I had no expertice in any kind of sky rocket nor correction as happened in december 17, as a survivor I can say it's been a nice ride and good experience.


Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it. Followed and upvoted as we build this steem community.


Thanks for the comment. Appreciate it. Still big gains to come over the long term with the right quality! Following and upvoted as we build this steem community.

unique photos I just loved it, the guy is very much in love with her and looks genuine


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cari duit ya bro?

First. Love that movie!
Second. I love the fact that you were able to find connections between the market and the movie.
Third: Great advice, is all about believing in the technology. Like you said, don't be Maui when he didn't believe in himself.



Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it. Love connecting movies to themes in general. Who can pass up on Moana. One of my favorites especially now that my son loves it. Followed and upvoted as we build the steem community!

"When there is blood in the waters, be the shark, not the chum."

I love it! That's exactly right. I positioned myself to be in a large amount of cash over the last few months. I bought a large amount of cryptos yesterday. Sure, they're not at their lowest levels - and they could even go lower - but I'm looking a few months further out from here. I do not believe that I'm going to be sorry. Having entered into my position with a very strong hedge of buying physical silver, I hope to have this recent investment paid off with some silver and cryptos left over, which will be all profit and a significant portion of it stacked in my safe, at home. Then I'll buy some more on the next dip. Buy low, sell high. Be patient. It isn't rocket science - but you do have to be ready to move...


And remember, never get greedy! I wish i had know that and sell a little in december 17, but as nweby as I was at least I got enough nerve to not panic sell, and now I feel a lot more confident, and not like a shark, but when I see some blood on the wather at least I have a plan to procced D:

I HODling on to my dear life but one need balls alot of it to withstand the BLOODBATH of January till this February, 50% of my portfolio gone in 2 weeks. Like you said, I have faith in my picks and I'm HODLING till forever comes.


Things can turn quick. I was involved with Neo at $30, $35, $40, $58 to only see it drop in a few weeks to $13. WE recently almost hit $200 5 months later. The smartest move I made, was adding to it at $25, $20, $17, $15 as when it made the run I expected, I was able to take advantage. I also saw Ethereum tank from $405 to $127 only to see it hit $1200. I followed the same pattern and added along the way. Keep the faith! Long term we will be rewarded if the projects we pick have merit and utility.


wow. You deserved the legend title man.


Well I had balls of steel because I believed enough in my pick to see it through the good and bad and add along the way. Value always returns to what it should be and I knew NEO belonged on the moon.

That's a massive post and eye opener for me particularly @cryptolegendhodl *though am a newbee here but mere perusing your post, I have gotten a clue about how the market looks like here with reference to the experienced and advice cited in the post. Hopefully we do not have to wait that long, but staying patient is important to keeping the market from leaving you out to sea. Exactly Sir, which I do believe that slow and steady wins the race
What more advice can I be offered than Don't be the one who allows others to transfer your future profits. If you stay steady and don't over trade, you may read this again only to hear "Your Welcome" as your sailing away with your BO$$ Profits. I do appreciate your post for I have learnt and gained a lot so far and I look forward to reading more from you and putting all advice/recommendations into practice.

nice post ...
if u dont mind can u help to vote my post


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wonder full post......

I am new In steemit..I am follow with u.. please can u love me I..... love the post


Welcome to the community friend.


Price Analysistt.png


Welcome to the community! Followed and upvoted you.


thanks...... friends....

photos and descriptions are very illuminating.Thanks

Crypto All The Way! @cryptolegendhodl # NeverOverTrade (N.O.T.)
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Just learn and achieve a great lesson from this. Amazing advice from a well renowned whale to all steemians all over the world. This is such a great and awesome post. Please learn from this especially trading your life earned owned as barter is not supported. Thanks whale

Thank you for the inspiration, sometimes starting the path it can get a little overwhelming, but this is exciting to see overall


Thanks for the comment. Appreciate it!

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Opinion of an expert is born out of experience. It is a life jacket to wise newbies. Only the unwise ones will take it with levity. So, to me, this is not just your opinion but a life saver.. Only the wise can decode! Thank you! @cryptolegendhodl

haha nice post @cryptolegendhodl.
Thanks for sharing.

a very interesting movie, very entertaining

Hi @crptolegendhodl I just want to say hi, i'm new to Steemit, I'm sure as the community knows you will encounter a bunch on interesting people on this platform. I for one am an artist from South Africa, I came across Steemit because as of recent our whole country is talking about Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin etc. I am going to give you an Upvote because there is nothing as exciting as getting a random Upvote.

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Enjoyable read. Thank you for posting

wow! really appreciate this post... a good example from the movie Moana.

"staying patient is important "

See the light as it shines on the sea
It's blinding
But no one knows how deep it goes
And it seems like it's calling out to me
So come find me
And let me know
What's beyond that line
Will I cross that line

See the line where the sky meets the sea
It calls me
And no one knows how far it goes
If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me
One day I'll know
How far I'll go

Nicely said, and an interesting way to put it.. Im taking some positions while we are in this flat line period, who else is and whats on everyones watch list... Im liking Neo and Binance coin..


OMG is a sleeping giant in my personal opinion.


Price Analysistt.png

At first i wasn't too convinces to read it and take as something I could learn from, but every analogy You drop it's a step that every trader should take in his journey trough learning.
Never give up, never say no to a lesson, and BTFD! :D

I really liked the quote you started off with from Warren Buffet. The well informed patient are certainly rewarded.

beautiful piece.....resteeming right now.

Very nice analogy. I absolutely agree. 10 years from now, anyone that sold and didn't buy back will be mad at themselves.


Price Analysistt.png

Wow moana with rock .. Love this pair.. But i dont like animated movies that much

This post really glazes my sweet roll.

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Warren Buffet is a real legend. He would tell us to hodl the fuck outta crypto!

That tattoo on his right side of his body is him holding up sky aka the firmament.

Much needed inspirational and reassuring post - not to mention good movie! Its funny how fast we forget how far we've come when the tides begin to increase in size and a storm brews, but alas - the weather will clear.

Wise words sir!

Beautiful metaphor your banging here @cryptolegendhodl. You have quite a way with words and imagery..

Very nice post

I so much love the analogy and how you linked 🔗 the crypto world with the popular movie movie

Wow so nice post.. i felt better after finishing this post. Thanks for sharing.

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Whatever it take and however long it takes, crypto currency will bounce back big time. Patience is what is required.

Vote from my side

Since the bids on the bots you used were so high you're actually losing money on them. Just thought I should tell you in case you didn't know.
You're welcome.

Hahaha When you have a friend like this 11.jpg

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I love this animated movie .. thumbs up

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This is brilliant what a way to present.

Bagaimana saya mendapatkan vote yang tinggi?? Saya ingin seperti anda.


make a good post. Start from something simple but valueable to share. :-)

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nice post

Is a really nice comparison, u have to be ready to go with everything, and show that you are a truly and invincible demigod


Thanks for the nice comment. Appreciate it! Big year to come!

Wowwww The beautiful post, I hope to see his movie. Congratulation for you👍👌👌

Wow, Good posting.

Man this is one of the best movies ever and the characters suit perfectly. I mean Maui , well he suits perfect as he is in the movie. Awesome

Everytime I see the crypto chart and It goes deeper, and I just think that the market is very good to me for giving me a chance to ride a such a big wave (tsunami) into the moon. I am crypto believer. lol. Your post is really good, It gives me spirit to HODL my coins. Thank you!

Iya like this movie

Es una comparación realmente buena :)

Great article. One of my favorite movies, and one of my favorite pastimes (investing in crypto). Auli'i Cravalho, the voice of Moana, is from Hawaii, and she sang "How Far I'll Go" with the Hawaii Symphony and it was an amazing performance.

good article dude , keep the good work buddy


hola amigo muy buena publicacion .. amigo soy nuevo en la plataforma siganme @greenwich

that is my favorite movie. what an innovation. Thanks for enlightening my eyes on crypto currency


This movie is great and love the analogies!

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The older we get the easier waiting becomes but we also have less time to wait.
So save while your young and be happy knowing later you don't have to worry.
remeber btc started out at less than 1c now look if you had saved 1 dollars woth you could buy a big house and a car and still have change.

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Another Warren Buffett comment applies pretty well here: Be greedy when others are fearful, and be fearful when others are greedy.


Nice point, just don’t be wrong about what the people are fearing, make sure it has value, but I get the quote in general, I get what you’re laying down

Lovely post, good work

I love it. Give me more

Patience is the virtue by which we could change our destinations. Its a very desired hibernate mode one has to have in order to achieve the desired goal but its not only the patience with it comes huge amount of struggle, hardwork & passion. So stock to your plan and work hard success will have no other option than to kiss you

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Very interesting post.