Bitgoals: The Era of Blockchain technology in Sports

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Since the beginning of the online sports betting across the globe, the industry has continued to grow and there seem to be no end in sight for such. Forecasts from experts say that the regulate sports betting market across the globe will hit over $50 million in the year 2018. There are inadequate data about how lucrative the non-regulated sports betting market is but many expert believe it is worth millions in dollars.

Generally, people feel the sports betting industry comes with a whole lot of negativity, a battle many in the sector are fighting to win.



As block chain technology is beginning to take shape with its future still looking fine, the level of competition among sporting fans is still very abysmal. The competition among sports fans is majorly in the quality of ideas, the best services as well as the attitude towards those who are involved in sports gambling and the casual users. This lack of trust which has become a major issue in the sporting world, is clearly seen when players do not register in verified betting systems. Instead, they would rather go over to illegal bookmakers or organizations and illegal middlemen. Data show that illegal sports betting turnover is about $400 billion yearly with many players making loses every now and then. This is because most of the players rely on the bookmakers’ coefficients which are usually low and at most times placed by the bookmakers. There are those who have lost in the illegal companies due to the unfair treatments meted out to them by some underground bookmakers.
The sad part is that there are no technological gadgets that can solve the problems, especially that of trust and cost. And for the main players which are already in the industry, they mostly depend o the regulatory bodies and enforce the rules and bring back trust. This ultimately results in higher costs for the parties involved.

Here Is Where Bitgoals come In

And in a bid to resolve these issues, Bitgoals is bringing a platform where the main players in the industry can work together, sharing revenues. In the platform, the players can work hand in hand in a credible and safe system, to the benefit of all. With the cyptographically protected code, players are sure of having the best bookmaking services and ultimately make a living from their passion.

How The System Works: Deposits And Withdrawal

While making deposit into the gaming system, it might not show in the system from the onset. At other times, it may not reflect at all.
Now, the major question many are asking is: “How does one know their money?” Most of the team players are not allowed to make withdrawals above certain amount of money and might get more fees. Turnover clauses for bonuses and promotions, gaming as well as the dependence on third party systems for doing transacting on these networks where trust and efficiency are needed for a commercial relationship to take place.

With Bitgoals, most of these problems are flattened in the process. Bitgoals gives conditions which are protected by block chain mechanism. The processes are very clean and gives room for fast and anonymous.
With the bonus extension background, the site lets you to have a different management system from the present fiat money. Interestingly, it also gives room for the customer to accumulate a liquid and secure bonus in every activity in the sporting field.

Bitgoals is a decentralized system which is made especially for players in the sports industry. While the Bitgoals platform is founded on block chain and smart contract which makes sure nobody alters the result and jackpot payouts.

Why You Should Use Bitgoals?

Bitgoals is one the most trusted by players from across the globe. These players prefer it than most traditional sports betting and bonus system services like lotteries and bookmakers.
This is due to the smart contracts which guarantees customer’s protection, just like the real world. Take for instance, if you place a bet on the platform, and get the right result, you will automatically get the profit by the smart contract without having to deflate the website by itself. In addition, there are many hurdles which you must go through to register. This can be demanding. However, with the smart contracts system, such hassles which increases chances of fraud, is reduced. Just register and with a wallet, you can play anonymously. Also, there is no limit to amount you can use in funding your account, unlike most traditional betting services. The system tracks the financial status of all players, fairness and gives the right reward. Similarly, there is a given ability to get an instant payout even when the money is big. You will have the chance to choose the way you get your reward. The next thing is that Bitgoals is totally free from all rules, including that of the government which often leads to financial losses.


With the development of block chain technologies, sports betting is set to take a new dimension. Unlike the traditional means of betting, which are fraught with errors, Bitgoals removes errors, gives you ease of registration, get payout no matter the prize easy. This in addition to protecting your identity. So, you can, with the Bitgoals, you can earn with your sports passion, as you learn more about the sports. With Bitgoals, you are rest assure of getting fresh ideas in the bonus system process. This is close to the bookmaker business in terms of the unlimited timing possibilities for the user to take part in sports activities, which has over the time been of benefit to the bookmaker business in the reward system.

Bitgoals help in the removal of this challenge. This is due to the user’s ability to get rewarded for taking part in sports gambling – part of which is the normal bonuses associated with sports. In addition to this, you would be satisfied with the knowledge of your best teams as well as the support you give them.




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