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In 2018, 73 per cent of jobs on freelance platforms were given to freelancers across the globe. Back in 2015, only about 8 per cent of these freelancers used professional online networks to search for jobs. It was social media platforms like LinkedIn that professionals deployed before now to search for jobs. Presently, many of these persons are now using Facebook to grow their businesses. Data reveals that about 54 percent of the freelancers advertise their businesses on Facebook with 40 per cent doing so with LinkedIn. And with the advancement in technology, the freelance industry is going to still experience growth as many young minds seek ways to make impact across the globe.

This is a highly participatory labour market for freelancers that guarantees an efficient management of projects as well as team-building tools based on the blockchain technology. With the use of crypto currencies, UMKA is simplifying the relationship between users. Assets allow the minimizing of transactions costs for the users as the cash flow inside the platform is not influenced by the banks’ commission and other block chains. With the assets, one is guaranteed fast work of smart contracts as a user. There is also financial safety with the use of the UMKA platform.

UMKA makes use of the smart contracts which at the earlier stages, work with assets of Bitcoins and Ethereum. However, as time wears on, more currencies and other fiat assets would be brought onboard.

What Makes UMKA Standout?

UMKA guarantees cooperation among the users of the platform, contrary to what is permitted in several freelancing sites. It makes it possible for users to interact, not just in P2P formats but communicate live with each other during project time.

Also, project groups helps in organizing works of several freelancers working on different projects at the same time. There is no limit to the number of persons who are working in a single project group. What the employer needs to do with this UMKA platform is just to sign an Agile Smart Contract with all of them and the work goes on. Similarly, with the Agile Smart Contract, there is safety of deals. The Agile Smart Contract lets users go through a step-by-step payment. There is also room for amendments.

UMKA’s Agile Smart Contract creates space for information on the work schedule, budget and instructions. And if any of the parties is not able to meet up with the agreements, there is no room for any penalty financially.

There is a low commission rate on UMKA’s platform. While several freelance platforms take about 2.7 percent as commission for a transaction, UMKA charges only about 1 per cent for same thing.

As dispute arises among parties, there are several ways that UMKA resolves these. It is either with no third party being involved or the UMKA arbitrator handles it.

Unlike many others, language difficulty is reduced to the barest minimum on the UMKA platform. There is the Google Neural Machine Translation weaved into UMKA’s chats, making it easier for users to communicate on the platform and it is getting better daily with several improvements.

While there are usually many single currency platforms from across the globe, UMKA offers the user a whole range of currencies to pick from. On the platform, there are about 15 digital currencies and fiat assets with each represented by a corresponding asset in the blockchain.


Ticker: UMK

Type: Token: (Ethereum)

ICO Token Price: 1 UMK = 0.1 USD

Fundraising Goal: 10,000,000 USD

Soft cap: 1,000,000

Hard cap: 10,000,000 USD

Although several platforms come with their offerings but the UMKA freelancing platform gives you security, ensures the usage of many digital currencies and unparalleled dispute resolution mechanism.

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