Alongside Affiliate Websites?

9개월 전

So I wanted to take a moment to go over and the potential application in my affiliate websites of their web miner. is a web based cryptocurrency miner that mines their native GTH ethereum token or BTC. It utilizes an opt-in form on your website to allow users to let their computers resources be used to mine while surfing your site.

From an affiliate website this offers some interesting challenges and opprotunity. Most of the time people visiting affiliate sites are skeptical about the trustworthyness of a site. So a simple pop up asking to let them mine is going to be a hard sell.

What can one do to get beyond this initial lack of trust though? Well first of all the opt-in can be leveraged in a post stating that you are transparent up front when you could have been deceitful. Continue to explain that the web mining is safe, and will help keep the website active for others in the future.

In addition to this you might have to take some time to flesh out the website a bit more. Make it look more professional, more safe, somewhere many people visit. Put the end user at ease. At the end of the day these websites are about making money, so ditch the paid for filler articles, and get all really well written articulate articles on your site. Become the authority. definately has the potential to blow some extra income to affiliate websites, but needs to be balanced properly with the end user. If not it can completely derail the whole process

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