Lympo App Offers Incentives Running and Walking through Crypto

3개월 전

Lympo is a Cryptocurrency that had their ICO in 2018. The premise was simple. Create a mobile APP that offers incentives for exercising. I always found this kind of a cool concept, a crypto with a purpose and underlying app, and adopted it early. Now with everything crypto I obviously lost a bunch of value, but I am still holding it and using their fully functional APP daily.

So they offer challenges through the app, and track your steps through your phone. These steps are then converted into distances to complete the challenges. Once you complete the challenges you recieve the listed reward in LYM.

Using the APP from October through early November I managed to rake in 1300 LYM. Inside the APP LYM are pegged at .01 USD each. So 13 Dollars for just going for a walk each day. This actually incentivised me to continue walking, and I managed to lose 24 pounds.

In addition to all this The Lympo team have managed to secure partnerships with Samsung, a Pharmacuteical Company, the Dallas Mavericks, and many other high profile companies and althletes.

If you want to check out the app follow my referral invite on your phone

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You can also search for the app on your app store, but it is limited in some areas without an invite.

So grab the app and get some free crypto today

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