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OnePageX isn't simply obliged to their site and they grant site owners to have the exchange by methods for a contraption. The contraption is anything but difficult to execute and should be conceivable by essentially reordering the code scrap on your site! This empowers OnePageX to achieve essentially more customers and make it less difficult for more diminutive independant goals to offer an additional organization that could improve their areas change rate. Possibly you're another crypto based redirection that does not recognize Litecoin encouraging this contraption can empower your customers to exchange their LTC for BTC and a short time later pile up their records already playing so you don't pass up principal wage.

What exactly degree do trades take with OnePageX?

Trades done by methods for OnePageX are generally minute once the set aside some cash is asserted in the wallet so when the cryptocurreny is impacted open exchanges to should be conceivable on the fly.

Note: In ask for to ensure faster exchange speeds please use appropriate costs when sending Bitcoin to the site.

This serve as my entry to the graphics design contest by @mediaworks


Good grahics for a good trade network is the idea behind my logo.

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