My Top Five for 2018

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My Top Five Crypto Picks for 2018

Here are my thoughts on some of the issues facing Cryptocurrency in 2018 and the coins that might come out on top

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5. Litecoin

Current Value

Aptly Named I think of Litecoin as silver to Bitcoins gold or Bitcoin "lite". Litecoin is an early fork of Bitcoin aimed at improving scalability while reducing fees and transaction time. It has been around since 2011 and has been racing to catch up to Bitcoin ever since. The Smaller community will allow Litecoin to adapt to scalability issues much quicker than Bitcoin, however this also means it has less mainstream support.

4. Monero

Current Value

Makes the list as the number one privacy coin right now! With government interference and regulation lurking in the future of many crypto currencies, Monero offers the choice of a safe haven from the all seeing eyes of "Big Brother" while still allowing selective transparency with parties of your choice.

3. Cardano

Current Value

Founded in 2015 and dubbed "Ethereum 2.0" or "Ether from Japan" Cardano is Premined and secured through a new PoS (Proof of Stake) system, ADA aims to compete with Ether in the future of DAPPs (Decentranized Apps). Peer reviewed, extremely scalable and with a strong team Cardano has an effective plan for making smart contracts accesible to many parts of the economy in the future to spread the use of their coin and improve the amount of transactions they can proccess.

2. Iota

Current Value

A new coin trying to breathe life into the Internet of Things and change our perspectives on the way a distributed ledger can operate with their new tangle technology. Highly technical yet somehow still lightweight, Iota's tangle manages to offer zero fees through a model of active participation. As you send a transaction over the tangle you are confirming others transactions and thereby helping secure the network. This new Idea provides a highly scalable currency that has the goal of connecting all of your devices to trade information seamlessly.

1. Bitcoin

Current Value

The Granddaddy Crypto, Founded in 2008, has been struggling to deal with scalability in 2017. As mass adoption seems entirely possible in the coming years Bitcoin has the brand image that will keep new investors flocking too it. Will its community reach compromise on how to protect its value and scale effectively in 2018? Only time will well!


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All good picks! I am on most of them :)

Love your stuff David, always happy to talk with you! Keep going with your crypto and chronic! I love it!

  ·  2년 전

David, is this really you? I'm sure there are a lot of us Steemians who think this account is fake.


I can confirm this is his account. If you check his crypto and chronic videos he is looking for people to help him post here and bring some of his content over.

  ·  2년 전

Well, if you have a way to get in contact with @davidhay, I can help him launch his Steem Profile, and I can offer him a platform on a Radio show of our most loved whale witnesses to get him started with big support.

I tried to contact him by other means, as I was tasked to reach out, but he must be getting emails left and right.


His email is the best way. Have you reached out to him there? Sometimes it takes a day or two for him to respond considering he has 75k subscribers on YouTube, I wouldn't be surprised if his inbox is flooded on a daily basis.


Thanks for your help dbnugz. I am but one person and when people step up it means a lot to me. Merry Christmas!


This is really me. I have a few people helping me write content because my skill set is in video production. Everyone that posts under my name here has talked to me before hand and I feel confident shares my values for producing quality content. You can always reach me at

Welcome to steemit David!! Looking forward to read and hear from you,this is great material!!
This is an excellent site with a lot of future!