Distributing 46000 PEACE tokens - more opportunities to earn a share!


Last weekend I made a post promising to give away about 46,000 PEACE tokens. This post begins their distribution!

Each person who voted on this or that post, along with each person who commented on either of those posts, and each person who reblogged either of those posts, will receive 1 share of the total. (Yes, that means some people will get multiple shares of PEACE tokens.)

I also promised a few shares to be given out for other reasons, such as going the extra mile, showing a particular appreciation for peace, or pitching in to help.

Total shares

To calculate how many PEACE are in each share, we need to calculate the total number of shares.

Which is a grand total of 120 shares... so about 100 people will soon control the majority of the PEACE currency!

Recipient list

The known recipient list, in alphabetical order, is:

Help wanted

I've set aside 5 shares to reward those who generate me a list of the 63 accounts who voted here and the 24 accounts who voted there. I assume it's quite a simple task for those who know what they're doing, but that isn't me.

First person to comment the correct lists of both posts' upvoters (in alphabetical order) will receive a bonus 3 shares. The first and second other people to reply to that comment, independently verifying they got the same results, will each get 1 bonus share. In this way, I can outsource and decentralize the work.

Bonus: If someone (it could be the same person or someone else) knows how I can easily dispense the tokens without doing 116 transactions and confirmations manually, or wants to do the dispensing for me (either manually or using a script), I'll give them a couple bonus shares of PEACE. I can spend an evening entering and signing them all by hand, but if there's another way, I'm all ears.

Wrap up

I'm pleased with the outcome! About 120 shares, give or take. Once I have the rest of the names, I'll dispense all the shares. You'll see your PEACE tokens in steem-engine.

382 PEACE is what each share ends up working out to! Please do whatever you like with them - distribute them to friends, put them up for sale, give them out as prizes in a contest, hold them and see if they appreciate in the future, etc.

The goal here was to have some fun, share what I had, speak up on behalf of peace, and try something new. Whatever happens with the value of these tokens in the future is a side note. Maybe some will end up in "The Museum of Early Cryptocurrencies" in 100 years? :)

Remember, we seek not a military peace forced upon the world by weapons of war, not the peace of the grave. We're seeking genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, the kind that enables people and nations to grow, to hope, and build a better life for their children. Not merely peace for this country, but peace for all men and women. Not merely peace in our time, but peace for ALL time.

Peace - I'm ready!

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Great Work! I too wish for the kind of peace you want to see and hopefully we'll achieve that in our lifetime 😇

Good day and good news from you - I participate - cool!