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The month of March has come and gone; such an exciting time it was on Seascape. However, the future is even brighter. We have for months spread wide the gospel of Moonscape, and I am eager just as you are to get in on the action. But wait! Not so fast! ✋

As we all know, the Moonscape game promises lots of mouth watering rewards, but are you ready?

To rack up all the fantastic rewards coming your way, I will share a few things you must do with you. This will also put you in a better position to dominate the moon's surface as the gameplay mechanics require.

Moonscape Dev Diaries

Moonscape Dev Diaries is a game guide published by the Moonscape Developers team to enlighten the Seascape and Moonscape community on the workings of the Moonscape game.

Dev Diaries premiered its first episode on December 8th, 2021. It has twelve (12) publications that deeply explain the different aspects of gameplay and DeFi mechanics present in the game. These are essential info that will help you maximize your earnings and opportunities in the Moonscape game.

It would help if you saw this guide.

See Moonscape Dev Diaries seascape.


You can thank me later! 🥰🥰

Moonscape Playthrough Series

Moonscape Playthrough Series is a visual video guide by Erlan, Moonscape core game developer, on the Moonscape game's working. It is a practical show of the gameplay and other activities in the game.

So far, there have been two-episode releases. Episode one (1) guides the different strategies to use when combating aliens and extracting resources. Episode two (2) centres on Battle Attack. It shows the various scenarios of battle and the different strategies to employ to emerge victoriously. It also shows players how to improve their different skills to make their rovers efficient during battle.

This is a must watch too!

See Moonscape Playthrough Series
Episode 1: rebrand.ly/Moonscape-Dev-Playthrough
Episode 2: https://rebrand.ly/Moonscape-Dev-Playthrough-2


MSCP is Seascape's very first Player-Created-Coin! MSCP will be the official token of Moonscape. It will be used in the Moonscape game for a better gaming experience and to obtain the premium in-game resource MoonDust.

If you look forward to earning many rewards from Moonscape, you must secure some MSCP tokens.

You can purchase MSCP on the following exchange platforms:

SeaDex: seascape.finance/#/swap
Pancake Swap: pancakeswap.finance
Solarbeam: Solarbeam.foundation

Get Moon City NFTs

Moonscape Cities are part of the thrilling gameplay of the moonscape game. It constitutes the core mechanics and aids major functions of the game. If you recall from our Dev Diaries, Moonscape Cities are required for building construction in Moonscape, which in turn help you grow to dominate the moon's surface.

It would help if you constructed certain buildings in each of your cities to help you enjoy your stay on the moon. Buildings like The Refinery that help with your city's defence, Resource Corp that help with Rover upgrade etc. However, it may cost you a longer gameplay time and a lot of in-game currency to set up your buildings to an optimal level.

With an already purchased Moonscape City NFT, you can quickly get higher rewards as you get in on the Moonscape action.

Don't get it twisted, it is still possible to start your city and erect your buildings if you learn from all the pre-game release guides. These guides will help you understand the game's workings and help you play smart.

See Moonscape Dev Diaries seascape. seascape.network/blog

See Moonscape Playthrough Series

Episode 1: rebrand.ly/Moonscape-Dev-Playthrough

Episode 2: https://rebrand.ly/Moonscape-Dev-Playthrough-2

About Moonscape

Moonscape is a resource management DeFi strategy game. Its gameplay centres on a futuristic moon, where players explore the moon's surface, enhance their towns, and receive rewards for their time spent in-game. The ultimate objective is to survive and thrive on a hostile moon, while earning profit for your effort.

The game employs tried-and-tested DeFi mechanics; some functions employ the use of NFTs. Altogether, players use these means to scout and scramble for the limited moon resources to develop their burgeoning cities. In the quest for domination, players can plunder rival cities and collaborate with friendly ones.

About Seascape

The Seascape Network is a game-oriented network on the blockchain. It uses core concepts and technologies on the blockchain to create sustainable play-to-earn blockchain games. These technologies include but are not limited to, DeFi, crypto-tokenization, NFTs etc.
Their vision is to make gamers (players and developers) benefit from the time and effort invested into games. Thus their model for games, and their drive for future gaming, centres around player incentivization.

Get more updates by joining Seascape’s community using the links below:

Website: www.seascape.network
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