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Hello! Fans and friends of Seascape. Finally, it is here.
This has been a long time coming. The most anticipated DeFi game in the crypto play-to-earn gaming space, Moonscape, has released its early access on the Moonbeam Network.

Moonscape is the first IDO project of the Seascape Network. It is one of the outstanding products of a successful partnership between the Moonbeam Network and Seascape.

Moonbeam & Seascape

Moonbeam is a Polkadot Parachain primarily designed for Developers. Moonbeam simplifies the developer experience by combining full Ethereum compatibility with the power of Polkadot, including scalability, cross-chain integrations, and on-chain governance. The objective of the Moonbeam Network is to create an ecosystem where all blockchains can interact.

The Seascape partnered with Moonbeam last year. Seascape has been onboarding most of its products onto the Moonbeam network via Moonriver, its companion network, throughout that year. Many game projects with high user rewards have been recorded as achievements sequel to this partnership.

What is Moonscape?

Moonscape is a resource management DeFi strategy game. Its gameplay centres on a futuristic moon, where players explore the moon's surface, enhance their towns, and receive rewards for their time spent in-game. The ultimate objective is to survive and thrive on a hostile moon, while earning profit for your effort.

The game employs tried-and-tested DeFi mechanics; some functions employ the use of NFTs. Altogether, players use these means to scout and scramble for the limited moon resources to develop their burgeoning cities. In the quest for domination, players can plunder rival cities and collaborate with friendly ones.

Overview of the Game

Gameplay in the Moonscape game involves city building, resource extraction, and battle experience. In addition to these are DeFi functions which include token staking, NFT staking and minting etc.

City Building

Launching the game for the first time, you will appear close to an empty city, and you'll be asked a question via prompt if you would love to start your city there. You automatically own the city once you accept the prompt.

In the moonscape game, each account can have only a maximum of three cities. There are five (5) empty building slots per city, and you will need to decide which type of building to construct. Note that there are eight (8) types of buildings with unique features and functions.

Seven (7) of the eight (8) types of buildings will contain two different types of function; one will be a DeFi function, and the other a gameplay function. DeFi functions allow you to earn for your time spent in-game, otherwise known as Play-to-Earn or P2E. The gameplay function will allow you to improve various aspects of your cities, from defence to resource extraction etc.

Description of Different Buildings in the Game

Building Name: DeFi Function — Gameplay Function

  1. Transaction Square: Single Token Staking — Rover Research

  2. The Refinery: NFT Staking — City Defense

  3. Industry Inc.: Single Token Staking — Resource Extraction

  4. Resource Corp: LP Staking and Mining Research

  5. Power Plant: NFT Staking — Resource Extraction

  6. Asset Mill: LP Staking — Rover Research

  7. Capital Forge: LP Staking — Mining Research.

  8. Construction Complex: Burn MSCP — Stake MSCP for Moondust.

Attack/Battle in Moonscape

In the Dev Diaries, we learnt that rovers are what you need to attack, and this is one way to survive the moon.

Defeating Moon Aliens

In the Moonscape game, you will meet fierce moon beings (aliens) that are deadly and want to destroy you.

Some aliens have a low difficulty level; some have a higher difficulty level. Use your resources wisely.

To attack, tap the Spacebar on the keyboard when the moving triangle is the same position as the fixed triangle. If you manage to match these triangles in the described positions, your rover will attack successfully. You can deal with a blow that will cause critical damage to the target at this exact moment. If you can't match this, you will likely fail the attack.

To make this action more accessible, increase the accuracy of your rover using the Rover Research Core Function.

City Battles

To start, you will need to explore the map and find the city of a rival player. After you enter, you will find the Attack button on the screen. But don't rush to attack! Survey what cities exist and consider them carefully before attacking.

Before the attack, click on any of the buildings of that rival city, and you will see the number of resources each building possesses. When you knock a building's HP down to zero in another city, you will receive several resources raided from the player you are attacking.

A Dome protects each city and the same goes for your rival city. The Dome blocks most attacks coming to the city; it is, therefore, important that you master your aim to impact damage on the city. The attack process is similar to attacking aliens, but instead of tapping the Spacebar, you press and hold, releasing only when the triangle is in the right position.

The city battle has a time limit, and you must destroy at least one building before time is up to loot its resources. Importantly, your survival is paramount.

City battles present many variables that you will need to consider while attacking. Rover skills will come in handy, extra damage, more speed, long-range target option etc. If the reverse occurs, the Core Function City Defense will help you upgrade your defences to resist an attack. This includes: longer and faster Dome time, stronger turrets, and even surprise mines that will be hidden in the battle map, rendering the attacker unable to see until it is too late.

What you Need

To quickly get in on the action, visit Scape Store and purchase a Moonscape City NFT. There are a total of 155 Moonscape City NFTs. These pre-built cities have already constructed buildings and will set you up for quick action.

Not all pre-built cities have the same buildings and specifications. Do well to check before you purchase. Notwithstanding, you can export your city and mint it for sale as an NFT.

To play the early access, click

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