Is crypto finished?

2년 전

Is crypto finished? People like Warren Buffet think so.

It was a wild ride. The peak was the end of last year when Bitcoin hit close to $20K. Now many are wondering how low it will go. It could be headed to zero.

What is the future for the promising technology called cryptocurrency and the underlying tech, blockchain?

In this author's estimation, it is bright. The banking system is slow to change. They still take a number of days to clear a transaction. That is how far behind they are. It is also the opening that was offered to Bitcoin and the other currencies.

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Buffet doesn't even understand Bitcoin!

Totally finished! That's why NY Stock Exchange, Morgan Stanley, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs are all investing in 2019. Because it is finished.
Guys, wake up!

YES It is. BTC going to 775$ imagine altcoins .


Ya I know sounds funny. But remember my comment and let’s hope we will have the opportunity to discuss it wen BTC crashes again.

Looks like a good time to buy.


As always for a year 😂

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Far from finished, but let's hope it's close to a bottom! 😉 LoL

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