About the last bullrun

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This bearmarket is definitely put a lot of people to the test.

A couple of 2017 fameous youtubers already shutdown their channels, some just produce content every now and then.

The 2017 frenzy also brought a lot of users into Steem as there was "free" crypto to be made.

The mindset was totally different compared to today.

If a coin did not moon within a couple of weeks it was a bad buy and god forbid if it went down then it had to be a scam.

Greed was the name of the game and brain was not allowed to play the game. A ponzi scheme like Bitconnect made it in the top 10 on CMC...this should tell you something.

This mindset you also could feel on Steemit. 1000s "Hello I am new here and I am here for the long run" posts were made and just a couple of weeks later the "Steem is so unfair" post.

Steemit was buzzing but also full of scammers, shitposters ( even worse than me ) and spammers. You think now is bad?

This is nothing compared how bad it was. There was good money involved and people tried to get their hands on that. Me included.

2017 messed the market and the expectations of people invested in it, up. As mentioned there were huge gains to be made in a week. Money seemed to be endless and people were buying coins on the recommendations of some 19 year old youtuber because he is in this space already 2 month and with that an expert.

What the coin does? Does not matter!
The team? Fuck them!
Does this problem need a blockchain solution? Probably not but fuck it!
ICO? Where and when do I buy in? When Binance?

People got burned including me. People did not take enough profits including me and everyone else in hindsight.

Will we get rewarded for still hodling, posting, voting and buying? I sure think and hope so! Will it be as crazy as 2017? Maybe, maybe not...nobody can tell you.

And surely not some fancy triangles on your chart. IF China comes out and says Bitcoin is the best thing since rice no chart will tell you that.

No other asset is this emotional loaded as crypto. I dare you to write something bad about XRP on twitter and see how the ripple army is responding to that.

If I buy any stock I am not running around telling people how awsome this one is and how bad the other ones are while wearing a Tshirt of it.

Crypto people are a strange community and somehow I love it...

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Well said. 2017, although a great time to invest, have crypto a bad name. What is it they say "once bitten, twice shy"....?

The pump and dump of 2017 might have put a lot of average people off, I'm sure time will prove the ones that stuck around to be right! Like you I'm not goi g anywhere and I'll see what happens.

Still here. Enjoyed the read.

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I have stayed and grow up. But not financially :)

A couple of 2017 fameous youtubers already shutdown their channels, some just produce content every now and then.

I didnt care about any youtubers talking crap about technologies, and then advertising bitmex or any other sheme..

But I'm interested in some names you remember.. :)
I'm interested in looking through these youtube accounts and realizing the past 2017 hype. :)

"IF China comes out and says Bitcoin is the best thing since rice no chart will tell you that."

Why does this line resonate with me so very much! haha. Must be because I'm back in Asia! Thailand, Koh Phagnan my favorite spot in the country. What about you? Are you still in Phuket? If so, @teamsteem just got there yesterday. Cool guy to link up with. He was hanging here with me for the last couple weeks.

Been a while since I stopped by. Really like this article you wrote up. I agree with it on so many levels. A lot of people have gotten burned and the price is so so so low!....compared to where it has been. It's a tough pill to swallow for so many.

However being a traditional investor for 15 years. I really like the price action over the last 3 months. The price is no longer losing against bitcoin, it seems to be rejecting any dips lower, it's gone sideways for a good long while now, and I'm thinking the week hands have been washed out. All positive stuff for a bottom, with such a small marketcap it wouldn't take much to see a doubling of the price and much more. Just need to keep this thing alive and growing from here forward.

Hope you are doing well! -Dan

only few survived this bear market but glad we all made it this long


Only few survived
This bear market but glad we
All made it this long

                 - blazing

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hello dear friend @flipstar.

I think it's great the approach you have given to the previous and current situation of steem blockchain.
I agree, that was not the true concept of steem.

That is, nobody creates a platform for "easy money." But that seemed STEEM at the end of 2017 - beginning of 2018.

Then there was a misunderstanding of the initial concept.

Currently it is much more difficult to "win" cryptography on steem, but we can compare it with other similar platforms and the level of income is almost the same. So why do they speak badly about steem?

Crypto people are a strange community and somehow I love it ...

I agree.

All best, Piotr.

I have not uploaded for a while now on YouTube. Do you think I should shut it down, @flipstar? Check it out, my Channel name is Silver Saver.

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And I'm plain crazy but still here.