Ledger and Tezos ( Win up to 1000 XTZ & 1 Ledger Nano X )


As I am turning more and more into a Tezos fanboy I try to get my greedy little hands on as many coins as possible.

Well...I do that in general with every coin to be honest.

You can stake your Tezos and still hold your coins on your Ledger and they apperantly teamed up for a contest.

You need to signup and enter an email adress to enter.

There are several mini tasks to increase the prices you can win as well as your chances.

The top price is 1000 XTZ & 1 Ledger Nano X.

If you feel like doing me a favor then click the following link to enter


as it increases my chances a bit.

If you join I hope we will have a Tezos party throwing our new Ledgers around...

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I used your link and entered. Good luck! :)


to you as well :-) thank you

its the right time to take as much coins as possible


many coins are usually good anytime