ONAM : The Number One Compliance Exchange

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Introduction to ONAM

Blockchain technology has immensely grown over the years. Blockchain technology has been vastly adopted and applied in different sectors of the economy like the health sector, business sector, education sector, insurance sector, agricultural sector and many other sectors. This mass adoption of the blockchain technology led to pumps and bull markets in the cryptocurrency market. The last quarter of 2017 was the most recent pump in the crypto-sphere and it sure did take most exchanges by surprise as the spontaneous growth was not anticipated. The growth that was experienced last year is proposed to be only the tip of an iceberg as a majority of the global population are yet to accept and adopt the concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Most existing exchanges will not be able to contain the future pump that is speculated to occur in the crypto-sphere because of their rigid infrastructure. Apart from the rigid infrastructure of most of the existing cryptocurrency exchanges, they are also prone to cyber thieves and volatility.

The ONAM team have carefully studied the blockchain technology, cryptocurrency markets and cryptocurrency exchanges platform and have deduced the existing challemges in the cryptocurrency market and have designed an exchange that would go a long way in dealing with these existing challenges. The ONAM exchange is an innovative and completely scalable exchange platform which has an advanced security tool and risk management. It focuses on Complaince, legalization and security of trading activities and transactions on the exchnage. It sets a new trend in cryptographic money exchanging institutionalization to agree to global authority directions and rules, notwithstanding resolving to guarantee the security of customer reserves and keep up an adaptable and simple to-utilize interface, bolstered by machine learning.

What is ONAM

ONAM is a control consistent digital money trade stage with a distinction. Its group of experts are prepared to take the bull by the horn to re-position the significantly fizzling digital money trade business.

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