Crypto Moves Today



Well it went down again, so nobody wins today, except if what happens is that people with lots of money bet every day on how low it can go and the lowest wins. I don't see any particular reason for crypto to be so low and not be able to go above a certain level. In fact as far as I have read, things should be going really good and most alt coins should be doing OK.

And Steem, boy I don't even want to look at Steem, it is now below 90th place on Coingecko, I don't remember ever seeing it that low, maybe it has but I missed that day. I am starting to believe those that say it will fall below the 100 top market currencies. That is a pity, and actually I thought SteemFest would somehow put some excitement into the coin and bring people in but seems nothing moves this thing up.

Well the only thing people like I can do is continue to write our shit posts and hope that someone comes up with really bright ideas on how to fix this, and I mean bright ideas not the crap we have been receiving the last three years. I, in the meantime am trying to get as many tribe tokens as possible, just for the fun of it they will probably never get to be worth much.

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