Myth about Bitcoin price prediction- who don't know the market

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Hello friends,

               Today i am making this post really very easy to understand and simple with proof.  

Now, it's been a long time that people are getting panic because of the down price of the bitcoin and others crypto in which they invested. Actually, i am writing this article to those who are creating negative news about the price of the bitcoin even they don't know the market or bitcoin as well, such as it will going to down to 4000$ or may be more less 2000$ and most funny thing is that some of them are saying continuously that Bitcoin going to vanish  or 0$.

                 Today, through this article, i am going to break down all of your myth about the price of the bitcoin. So read this till the end and i bet you guys will enjoy it. Let's come to the point-

                 First of all it's not possible that the price of Bitcoin will reach to 4000$. Here's the reason why-

Before making prediction. you need to know something about the bitcoin.

                 You guys don't know the value of the mining of the bitcoin in different countries. Just take a single look on chart which is given below-

As you guys can see that the different cost of mining 1 bitcoin in different countries. The mining cost means electricity cost.

In Australia, a person who is mining 1 bitcoin that means he need to charge 9,913$ which is 50% more as compare to the market price of the Bitcoin. That mean that guy is in loss. But he/she will make profit after long period of time.

In Belarus, a person who is mining 1 bitcoin that means he need to charge 2,177$ for the electricity bill which is 3 times less as compare to the market price. Definitely, he/she will already in profit after mining.

In South Korea,  a person who is mining 1 bitcoin that means he need to charge 26,170$ only for the electricity bill which is nearabout 4.5 times more as compare to the market price.

              There are already hundreds of different countries electricity charge present over there with different amounts. you guys may check out the electricity bill per bitcoin in their own country by reading the picture above.

              Now, one question comes in mind that miners already spend more money for mining the bitcoin then how can this is possible that the price of the bitcoin will going to fall down. Let me explain you through an example-

             A manufacturing company develop a smartphone and that cost exact 100$ then it is possible that product/item, you will going to receive/buy at less than 100$. No way, because that the owner of manufacturer will to add margin + taxes + transport charges + labour charges and many more. Thereafter , he/she will ready to sell their product on market at cost of 125$(suppose) but not less than 100$.

              Just in the same way, a person who mining bitcoin. He/she ready to not only spend on electricity bill + also include some other expenses such as investment on miners, taxes to pay after mining the bitcoin and many more. Definitely, due to this, the price of bitcoin going to increase.

This is the proof for those people, whose are creating or sharing bad news among others and trying to create panic among them. So that they can sell the cryptos and the negative people will going to take the advantage through buying the Bitcoin at lowest price. This is what happening actually in the market all the time.

               So guys remember one thing always in your mind that cryptos is the revolution of the world and no one can stop it. No doubt, it's price can fluctuate at a very high level but it's future is really very bright.

               I hope you got my point, what i was trying to say you.

Many of you were asking about the bull run-

Well, according to me- nobody don't know exactly when it will come but i am sure bull run is very near for sure.

Guys, what do you think about those who knows nothing about the bitcoin and other cryptos and even don't know about the market. Then how can they make a guess/predict about the price of the bitcoin.

Leave a comment, how they think who don't know the market and predicting bitcoin will going to zero and many more.

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Love you guys






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Yes bull run is very near to soon


Mining is ban in India?

I don't think so,
Still people are mining
And paying their taxes at all to the government.

Thanks for upvote and comment me

@ gkumar hey i, think bitcoin never coming $4000 because bitcoin start bull run and start uptrend

You can say like this one as well