Who said crypto was easy? @grow-pro knows and you knew it (would be funny) (Now including 100% more memes)

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You thought I was asleep? I was just trying to find my keys 🔑

Similar to that asshole that drives to the bar with the intent of getting drunk, I, too, felt as if I was “the” moron of morons. I was one of the slim that mixed up keys and essentially succeeded in kicking my own rear-end after realizing I could not write posts on Steemit.

Where else do you write posts? I (gladly) have no FB account and recently my dusty G+ account was terminated (google+).

Another one bites the dust

As seen here, via Wired.com, this large -scale ‘beta’ turned out to be a big dilemma for the 3/4 Trillion dollar company. I was just one user that was exposed, out of all of those ~52 million users. Not to mention, one, tiny minuscule contribution compared to the brilliant minds that inhabited that space for quite some time. I was a speck with 17k following at the peak, which I was there from beta. I worked for some incredibly talented people throughout my experience with Google+ and even had the pleasure of working with more than a few of them on some great projects. I’m ever grateful but also ready to see it go. It’s been gone for quite some time.

To say it was a humbling experience would say the very least! In fact, the very reason I was lucky enough to explore this space was due to a dear friend. @finnian, who introduced me to Steemit (many moons ago). The path from 2008 to 2019 has seen its share of 🙂&☹️ but it has nevertheless brought us to NOW.

Where are we?

We are here.

Now that we understand where we are (maybe you still do not), let’s appreciate the now. Not what was or what could be tomorrow... what do we appreciate now? I appreciate this outlet. However large or small this outlet might be, I still adore it. There is no place to catalog thoughts the way this site allows you.

I cherish a media outlet that allows for liberty, freedom of self and creation to culminate. There’s no large-scale social platform where I’ve felt more at home than I have in my many moons on Steemit.

Don’t be a sour puss

Get your head straight, this is a volatile & highly unregulated market = cryptocurrency. Don’t get sad, mad or glad too swiftly.. there’s is certainly success BUT also 💔 heartbreak. We lose sight of our true intentions, we are all succeptable to greed and so many other flaws that we, as humans, share..uniquely.

The key is to risk ONLY what you can afford lose and reasonably NEVER think about. Believe me, financial burden can affect the healthiest of relationships.

Please have sense and keep yourself from becoming a crypto-sour-puss. If you have a negative experience, you’ll inevitably cause someone to believe they will likely have that same experience — should you explain that someone else. I realized two minutes ago that you’re reading this and thinking ‘wtf is a sour-puss?’

Who cares?? What you think is what you think. What I think doesn’t matter unless you appreciate what I think, right? So let’s live a little more.

I made myself laugh, how about you?

If you enjoy it as much as my beautiful bride and her friends did, today, let me know below

Made with love ❤️, @grow-pro

This beer is for you @jackmiller and #thealliance fam

Checking in at the beach, tonight. My son graduated pre-k today and is moving on to the BIG kindergarten! Dude, I could say how fast it went but we all already know! Now, the awaited memes....

My wife was texted about the weather this morning since e had to travel....


It gets worse...


Nothing sheds those pounds like sweating!


And the theme should be present by now...

She asked me: calling for storms tonight, what do u think?’
Then I texted:
After no response in 30 sec, I re-respond:
Got a reply! Of course, it was age-appropriate...unlike myself 😐
But....hey, I’m at the beach now 🏖🏝⛱
Happy where I am.
Happy with what I have and not worried about what I don’t have.
Happy with who I’m with, I love you Nicole (@randfmomma)
And THAT IS MORE THAN I CAN ASK FOR. Sheesh, I can’t get greedy!

Don’t be scared, be educated.
Don’t lose, learn how to win.
When lose, revert back to rule #2
Don’t risk more than you can lose AND still survive HAPPILY.
Happiness is priceless = don’t do stupid shit and you’ll probably be happier and richer if you DO NOT gamble - instead make informed decisions.
Don’t trust autocorrect.
If you spot errors in this post = blame autocorrect.

It’s been real and real fun y’all. Keep it real and keep it growin’
Glad to have more than my wallet key on mobile!! pH Ux yea

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@grow-pro, welcome back here now! :)
Let's push lightly this final transition from 4D to 5D! ;)
Good luck to all!

Way tooooo many memes bro.

Watch out, you know what I am talking about, the people that go to bed with a poster of "Tango & Cash" above their beds!

and to add to all the laughs:

Cheers mate!

Made me laugh and cringe! Must be the summer heat...

Enjoy the beach!!! :D

haha, thanks for the mention and laughs! I need to get an updated mailing address for you, and I'll send you some mead to drink instead of that beer.


Same one, brother! Still carrying that blowout kit you graciously sent and happy to say haven’t needed it. More than happy to say that as much as I am to be prepared. I’ll gladly replace an “ok” beer with some Mead any day! 😆 I have your mead post in pdf...slacking man, someone kick me haha


Also, are you on Narrative.org? I'm setting up over there. Confirm a mailing address via my proton email, and I'll mail you some "nectar of the gods," er, I mean apple juice.


Sorry, just saw this! I haven’t been venturing on here. It’s an apparent train wreck.
They finally deleted our Google + in April so this network might make it to 2022. This will be the ‘point to’ for the successful social networks as a lesson. To be learned from and never repeated.

LOL these memes were pretty good 🤣

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