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At the time of conducting a marketing campaign companies estimate the results, but in some cases these results are not accurate or not as expected.It seems that Patron seems to want to be able to build a relationship of WIN - WIN with both companies and influencers by directly connecting companies and influencers so as not to cost uselessly.There is no exchange market with statutory currency, bit coin, and other existing existing No. 1 virtual currency "refer to Article 2 (5) 1 of the fund settlement method), and the timing of the listing on the virtual currency exchange is also uncertain and undetermined, so the above definition is also applicable to PATRON's ICO process. In Japan too, I think that there are many people who know because "Mr. Imai Kyoui" was doing a big promotion.There were also air drops for $44.48 for participants, and I think that many purchased purchase bonus because more than 100% was attached from the organizer side.
Influencers are in different social networks, such as Facebook, Instagran or Youtube, counting on variety for different audiences. Sponsorships have become commonplace for large corporations and the public that enjoys their content.

What is Patron?

Patron is a new platform that is based on the blockchain network, here users are willing to become well known, or more than what it already is and win for it.Patron aims to capitalize on the global influencer marketing industry, represents a global project, also offering a clean and transparent solution to both find and reserve influencer talent around the world".

how does it work?

Patron is a platform that combines social media with the sharing economy. For those not aware what the sharing economy is: It is a recent developed business model where private households and even companies can share their belongings with other people in the community. An example would be Airbnb where people can rent their private homes to other people to earn a little extra when they are for example on holiday.Influencers achieve better communication and the possibility of negotiating their contracts obtaining greater benefits
Possibility of opting tokens for contests or promotions among his followers, achieving a better reception among the audience, motivating his followers.Possibility of choosing the public to which the advertising will be directed.
Detailed study of influencer followers.

Token Patron

"PAT as a contract transaction between the host (influencer) and the guest (contractor).
As mentioned before, Patron is a new platform in which we can sponsor our work, since it works as a social and marketing network simultaneously. Patron's mission is to grow and become a well-known marketing platform, and to achieve this, they created the PAT, which is Patron's's own token.PAT as an ambassador contract with an influencer.Followers and fans vote for influencers using PAT.followers Influential followers, fans can use PAT of PATTERNS.PAT as a collaboration between the host (influencer) and the guest (influencer).The influential ones with the most votes are shown at the top level.Voting. Fan voting is deleted when an appreciation fee is paid. Although the display range decreases when the contract is produced, if the vote of the fans increases, it goes to the top level and it is easier to close the contract",

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