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Hello Cryptofriends👋 I am a coffee addict lol so let's talk about daCafé!☕

@eoscafe EOS Café DAC is a Decentralized Autonomous Community where coffee & crypto lovers ~ EOS enthusiasts meet!😀🤝



At daCafé we are holders of BEAN tokens an utility and voting token.

The BEAN token is currently trading on newdex.io and a BEAN/BNT relay will be opened very soon on the Bancor Network.

The BEAN token will reward people who meetup in affiliated coffee shops and hacker spaces. BEAN holders can become active members in the EOS Café DAC. In the near future, BEANs will be able to be staked for goods and services in the bean token economy.

Source: https://everipedia.org/wiki/lang_en/eos-cafe-dac

There's a very active community in Venezuela🇻🇪 who loves Meetups and they have been innovating through the use of gift cards that you can purchase with EOS to spend in affiliated coffee shops, when you buy it you get BEAN tokens!🤗


Their philosophy is the education, values ​​and adoption of the blockchain, to generate new opportunities in the country.

daCafé Venezuela develops strategies that adapt to the country, to create a connection with coffee shops and provide an innovative reward model for customers, creating a new market.

👀🎬Take a look at this video of daCafé friends in Venezuela, other affiliated shops can be found in places like South Korea!


daCafé project aims towards collaboration on improving our human civilization and support freedom.


Join the community:

Telegram: t.me/eoscafe
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/eoscafe
EOS Discussions:
EOS Cafe Korea:

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UPVOTED resteemed and i gave you an upvote from my @challengedac account with 100,000 SP thanks to @chaceeskam and @eoskent of challengedac https://t.me/challenge_dac BUT HEY I HAVE like 1 MILLION bean tokens ! "D:D I talked to 2 coffee shops today ABOUt atcualy bringing EOSCAFE in their stores AND TELSO FUNDINg to become a local telos HQ :D


Awesome efforts!👏🏻😁🍀 Thank you very much for the support💞🤗 and Hey I am also a BEAN Token millionaire!! lol😅☕ ☄

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That's something new.



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Alas, nowhere near me.

I firmly believe that it will take retail to bring crypto currencies into the norm. Until there is a method for the average person to be able to use crypto as easily as standard currency, I think it will for the most part stay in the realm of traders and techno-nerds like me.

If I had a need to accept payment, I'd surely accept crypto, if for no other reason than the geek factor.


I currently only earn Crypto in Venezuela I convert to fiat just before I am paying something due to hyperinflation but there isn't many business accepting it yet here and there is also the issue of showing your phone in public in this country you aren't safe

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If you make a quick @challengedac post ill get you a full $1+ upvote in a day and a half when my votes fully recharge :D


Hii thank you, I joined Telegram channel and had programmed a post when @ackza asked me on Twitter!👍😉 coming next week😁

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