Something is about to happen - Digibyte!

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I know you've had that feeling, right, where you know something is going to happen? Call it a sixth sense, a premonition or superstition.

I've been watching Digibyte for five years. Charted it. Bought it. Sold it. Have it. You get the point. And with people coming into this space over the last years all they can see is intraday charts. They have their noses all up in them.

But something is going to happen soon in Digibyte. DGB has been trading sideways since August. Over four months!


Since 2014, Digibyte has seen its share of December moves.


December 21st is a special day for Digibyte

Most people will overlook this important day.


But, if you've been in this space and like history and charts then what December 21st means to Digibyte will be apparent.


This December 21st will mark 5 years (60 months) since Digibytes All-Time-Low of 6 satoshi.


You could have bought between 50,153.97 and 52,282.66 Digibyte that day for $1.00 USD.

Anniversary dates, give or take a few dates before and after, are always dates to look for changes in buying or selling pressure.

Considering Digibyte hasn't budged over the high or low set in August in the DGB/BTC Bittrex market, recent news and waves Digibyte has been making and receiving I am looking for MOVEMENT!

This is not trading or financial advice. Do your own research. For informational purposes only.

Help a brother out. It's the season for giving! Scan me.
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