BUMO: The Best Decentralized Public Blockchain for Ubiquitous Value Transfer And Ubiquitous Trust Network on Application Ecosystem

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BUMO: The Best Decentralized Public Blockchain for Ubiquitous Value Transfer And Ubiquitous Trust Network on Application Ecosystem

Perhaps we could be mentioning that the internet has allowed the possibility of having a gigantic network used to exchange digital information among users. In fact, nowadays that is increasingly evident, with the use of smart devices that tend to be increasingly specialized for these purposes.

In this sense, innovations are generated almost daily in this context and in Information Technologies; being notable with the birth of Blockchains, the smart Contracts and the valuable projects that revolve around them; to promote the gigantic growth of the Internet and the Blockchains in a great society of mutual benefits with millions of US $, users, investors and companies, in a daily game of growth and vision of great future.

But, it is observed that the needs of many users and companies are not fully satisfied with the Internet and with the Blockchains, because most of the projects lack good deals to take into account with regard to the transfer of commercial and business values and of smart devices, to achieve self-sustainability or the required support in the framework of decentralization and to guarantee security, transparency, speed, reliability and scalability.

That is, in the digital world there are many information or digitizable elements that can be valuable or convertible into values to be transferred through tokens; For example: information, ideas, products, datas, service partners, developments, collections and projects, among others, can be "tokenized" and exchanged directly, easily, accessible, quickly, reliably and safe, framed in cryptography.

Therefore, the Blockchain technology can offer us a world of possibilities, tools and applications that have not yet been explored or discovered, to generate wealth and the growth of users and companies, in equitable, reliable, scalable and supported ecosystems, financing of globalized cryptocurrencies that are easy to transfer and exchange.

In this context, an example of positive innovation that can be highlighted is BUMO (https://www.bumo.io/), "The Best Decentralized Public Blockchain for Ubiquitous Value Transfer and Ubiquitous Trust Network on Application Ecosystem"; which has been designed and developed to offer us its potential for ubiquity, speed and power; tokenized with its BU cryptocurrency, and sponsored by its great vision of the future for users, developers and companies, in this digital world of Blockchain and decentralization.

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Preamble With Problems And Needs

Among the needs evidenced in the real and virtual worlds are equity, robustness, reliability, security, speed, scalability, honesty, integrity and integration; and all this combined with a system and platform with front-end and friendly applications for all users.

In fact, due to speed and scalability failures, systems collapse very frequently when they are overloaded with more than 100 data transfers or transactions per second, and if any development tries to solve these problems, then the charges of high commissions are increased by each transaction.

In the same way, the complications of the systems' softwares and their "patches" mean that every day requires more complicated and powerful equipment and very expensive resources that consume a lot of energy and money, to be able to connect to a Blockchain, especially if the device will become a node in a specific Blockchain.

On the other hand, until now it has not been possible to use Blockchain technology to perform the transfer of different values or between different tokens due to problems of protocols and incompatibilities; because there is no integration network that facilitates such functionality.

It is also not easy to connect to transfer values through any smart device, because the Blockchain do not recognize any device and block accesses by not having the specific private key, configuring a closed network, almost impossible to transfer values or tokens freely between different Blockchains.

In other words, for developers it is not easy to create, develop, implement, integrate or redo applications in Blockchain due to the large number of technical aspects that must be taken into account to do so. Hurting their jobs enormously.

That is, by analyzing the problems and needs that currently exist in the framework of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency; In addition to the previously mentioned, many other elements that affect us with evident flaws of security, trust, speed, scalability and "bottlenecks" are detailed, such as the difficulty to tokenize and promote values from specific Blockchains in the real world of the companies, which has influenced the lack of "liquid" markets for cryptocurrencies.

Similarly, the issue of trust, credibility and security tend to be problems due to the negative use that some have given Blockchain to launch fraudulent projects or scams.

BUMO 3.png

BUMO And The Solutions

Based on the approach of pretending to solve the problems and needs mentioned above, BUMO (https://www.bumo.io/) was designed to establish a network of values, tokenize and transfer values and connect independent economies in the Blockchain world. With its decentralized and innovative technology that offers us a reliable, powerful, fast, integrating and remunerative ecosystem.

In fact, with BUMO, the tokenized values can be transferred as quickly as the information is transferred, even exceeding 10,000 transactions per second.

Therefore, BUMO has been designed to create a network that focuses on establishing a ubiquity, freedom, speed, reliability, ease and equity without equal, to transfer digital values at the time and place where any user wants it.

That is to say, BUMO has based its design, innovation and strategy in tokenize and transfer values, in admitting any smart device as Node and making transactions in the ubiquitous Blockchain faster, to encourage the entry of new users, investors, developers and companies.

Likewise, BUMO has been based on a platform and a decentralized, responsible, reliable, integrated, honest, fast and safe ecosystem. Offering users a pleasant, intuitive, simple, friendly and optimal interface to facilitate the activities of all users.

Therefore, BUMO is the solution because has been designed to create a network that focuses on establishing a ubiquity, freedom, speed, reliability, ease and equity without equal, to transfer digital values at the time and place where any user wants it.

BUMO 4.png

Best Philosophy of BUMO

First of all, I can say that BUMO (https://www.bumo.io/) is an innovative, integrative and valuable decentralized Blockchain, with a powerful, honest, fast, reliable, secure, equitable and ubiquitous ecosystem, backed by its valuable BU cryptocurrency.

That is to say, BUMO is a public Blockchain, of ubiquitous and commercial trust of next generation, with the philosophical foundation for the transfer of ubiquitous, safe, reliable and fast value; in its mission to create a gigantic decentralized, integrating ecosystem of applications that is instrumented in the digital trust, in the free value and in its shared DApps.

Therefore, BUMO has been designed for the transfer of ubiquitous and reliable value, which is why it has been proposed as a project to create a gigantic, ubiquitous and trustworthy network where the value can flow with the same freedom as the information flows, using as Nodes the existing smart devices around the world and the quality applications to share in public.

In this sense, BUMO offers the user a series of tools, DApp and great templates to facilitate the integration of the person, the company and its tokenizable values with the virtual world of the Blockchains. In this context, BUMO has the disposition to promote a digital value for any asset that the user or the company wishes.

So much so, that BUMO is designed to be a ubiquitous and global trust network of tokens, which allows the easy tokenization of any asset, whether tangible or intangible (gif, points, miles, rewards, game values, insurance, products, services, financial assets or other assets); based on the infrastructure of BUMO's public Blockchain; which is also integrable, easy and fast to transfer, so that these values are distributed freely throughout the world and in different Blockchains.

With regard to the future vision of BUMO, it is detailed that BUMO also promotes multiple compatibilities, so that users and their smart devices allow transactions in the network to flow without any barrier, and connect millions of devices like Nodes (which earn BU in mining functions); so that a next generation Blockchain can be created for ubiquitous value transfer, so that companies can use it with high performance.

BUMO 5.png

BUMO: Integration & Platform

BUMO (https://www.bumo.io/) has been designed to work in order to facilitate the integration with other Blockchains, for which it establishes a reliable platform, 100% compatible, stable and equitable; focused on well-defined modules, such as: BU CoCoon, BU Firework, BU Orbits, BU Trailer, BU Channell, BU CodeMach and BU Bambook; each module with its functions and special features.

To achieve the equitable Blockchain integration, BUMO has chosen to apply the easily compatible implementation; so that users, companies and developers can launch their DApps, even if they have little programming and development knowledge; thanks to a library of intuitive and easy-to-use templates.

On the other hand, BUMO is also friendly with the developers to provide them with tools to improve the efficiency and access of their applications and APIs to BUMO.

In another order of ideas, the designers of BUMO have proposed in the compatibility, equity and decentralization of mining as north, by allowing any smart device to serve as a node and mining equipment, without requiring computing power. In this sense, a lottery election is established for the Validation Nodes, creating an equitable mechanism to decentralize the connection of many IoT devices.

BUMO 6.png

BUMO: Main Characteristics

The design and natural evolution potential of BUMO (https://www.bumo.io/), operational and transaction, has the following main characteristics:

.- Ubiquitous trust network, based on smart devices, all nodes are involved in Blockchain maintenance and the rights of the data belong to the users.

.- Peer to Peer Node Network, whereby all nodes have the ability to send and receive P2P values between peers.

.- Trusted Value Transfer System, for digital trust and the linkage of assets on virtual world Blockchain and the real one.

.- 2-layer Consensus Mechanism, by lottery mechanisms, is responsible for the effective, adequate and dynamic election of the Validation Nodes; guaranteeing greater transaction performance, greater speed, scalability, decentralization, security and reliability.

.- Good Incentive Mechanism, when a user makes a transaction or smart contract in the BUMO network, pay a fee ("GAS" measured in BU Token), which will then pay the Validator Nodes (responsible for maintaining the BUMO network).

.- BUMO Contract (BuContract), BUMO Virtual Machine (BuVM) and BUMO Oracle: it is the smart contract of the BUMO network and the execution environment of the aforementioned contract, to guarantee that the values of the real world and the Blockchain are consolidated and Exchange instantly and successfully, based on Oracle trust.

.- Public-Sharing DApp Ecosytem, with Digital Identity, Tokenization Protocol, Value Transfer, Decentralized Transactions, In-DApp exchange, among others.

.- Crosschain to perform their transactions, by isomorphic interconnection (BUORbits) and interspersed isomeric chains (BUCanal) for their use.

BUMO 7.png

Benefits of BUMO

The main benefits of BUMO (https://www.bumo.io/) are based on the tokenization and transfer of values, on ubiquity, ethics, safety, performance, honesty, speed, support, Scalability, reliability, monetary profitability and decentralized mining based on cryptographic technology and Blockchain. Thus:

.- It is very functional and practical to exchange peer to peer or Smart Contract values more quickly, safely and reliably.

.- It promotes the digitization of any type of assets.

.- It allows the free flow of digital assets, with recognition of their value in real time.

.- It is friendly to the user, the developer and to develop and execute smart contracts.

.- Encourages the circulation of static assets are practically useless, increasing the value of the token for said value for each movement of transference.

.- It will allow the connection of thousands of smart IoT devices that can generate data and create value.

.- Offer online editing and debugging tools to be friendly with developers.

.- It reduces the high operating costs. maintenance and transfer of data and values in the Blockchain.

.- It is a high speed near 10,000 transactions per second, for greater speed and scalability.

.- It reduce fears for lack of confidence and scam by eliminating illegal nodes in the Blockchain.

BUMO 8.png

BUMO Network: The Best

It seems clear to me that with its excellent features and benefits, BUMO (https://www.bumo.io/) presents an immense potential, to quickly become a gigantic ecosystem of massive and beneficial transfer of values. Which will help you to have a sustainable growth, by attracting more users, investors and companies.

The foregoing is due to the fact that any smart device can become a Node participant in the BUMO environment, to contribute to the maintenance of the network and to the transfer and creation of new values. The more smart devices are connected to the BUMO network, the more ubiquitous and transparent the network becomes. Being the roles that participants can assume within BUMO:

· Simple, Transparent and Autonomous Nodes: are any smart devices that connect to the BUMO network.

· Candidate Nodes: they are the Simple Nodes that due to their good technical characteristics, operations and transitions can request to be a Candidate Node.

· Validation Nodes: they are the Nodes selected from among the Candidate Nodes, which are drawn and chosen through a lottery; and they are responsible for validating the blocks of the Blockchain and the resource management and accounting of the networks.

BUMO 9.png

BUMO: Technical Characteristics

.- Consensus of BU as an improved protocol of consensus of two layers, by lot.

.- Model DPoS + BFT, It supports the structure of secondary elements and the selection of dynamic validators to improve transaction processing and meet diversified scenarios.

.- Dynamic continuous voting.

.- Mapping of subsets for Subchain.

.- Consensus of two layers to support Multi-child.

.- Two-layer polymorphism for a chain of multi-child blocks.

.- Diversified subchadias.

.- Book with hash and indexing.

.- Separate storage of the ledger for child chains.

.- Transfer of value freely among all blockchains.

.- Inter-Chain for the value of routing through blockchains.

.- Bridge the main chains separated.

.- Both chains of homogeneous and heterogeneous blocks can be supported.

.- A joint consensus is needed in Inter-Chain.

.- Smart friendly contract for developers in Blockchain.

.- Popular programming language and compatible with JavaScript, C / C ++ and Python.

BUMO 10.png

BUMO Tokenization

.- Account-based Tokenization Protocol (APT), in which users do not require smart contracts and by tokenization of their securities they issue their tokens using the Bumo platform directly.

.- Tokenization Protocol based on contracts (CPT), in which users require smart contracts for more complex cases, and by tokenization of their values, users can issue their tokens through smart contracts.

BUMO 11.png

BUMO Token

The self-sustainability and benefits of the BUMO ecosystem (https://www.bumo.io/) will be supported by its cryptocurrency called BU, based on Ethereum with an adequate cryptography protocol to securely, transparently and reliably protect accounts and data of users and companies.

The BU token is the force that will sustain the growth of the BUMO network, valued according to the number of tokens needed to keep the platform operational. Applications and uses in the BU environment include "GAS" to execute transactions and smart contracts.

BU can be obtained by charging transaction fees as a Validation Node, buying tokens, receiving donations from ETH as a developer of the project to exchange BU and participating in the construction of the BUMO network, including the detection and reporting of Bugs.

BUMO Partners and Investors.png

BUMO: Wallet

As one of its essential features, BUMO provides we with a practical, transparent, secure and portable and efficient wallet. In two versions:

.- Full BUMO Wallet: which is synchronized with the ledgers of multiple nodes and is fully compatible with the management of aggregation of multiple assets, the signature of offline transactions and the joint signature account control.

.- Quick Wallet: which is much faster than the previous one because it does not need to store all the data of a complete node, only the most important ones synchronized with the ledgers of multiple nodes.


BUMO: Use Case

The company Geophysical of Oil Prospecting Seisxeca, works with high quality, generating, collecting and processing seismic data, in various places around the world; to evaluate such data and know the places and depths where there are Oil wells and Gas bags.

In this sense, Seisxeca company has many contracts and Crews working in different countries, so they have to store large amounts of topography data, maps, the results of seismic data records, and the processing thereof, with great precision, quality and security for those valuable data.

The partners and managers of Seisxeca, with a lot of vision for the future, have decided to innovate and after evaluating all possible options, they decided to trust and rest the work of their valuable Crew and data in BUMO; due to the numerous advantages that this platform and its excellent applications have to guarantee in a secure way the reliability, authenticity and protection of all the data of each Crew.

Very satisfied, now the General Administration of Seisxeca, because their seismic data are tokenized, transferable and marketable values, to earn more money; and now it only evaluates in each contract if each line of seismic data in three dimensions can act as a node or if the entire crew will be a node within the BUMO Blockchain. Representing any case of this decision, much satisfaction and confidence for the company because they are safe, have improved the value and security of their data, without increasing operating costs because they will continue to use the same hardware as always.

Now Seisxeca Management offers its oil customers the real-time update of their thousands of transactions, corresponding to the acquisition, processing and handling of a large amount of seismic data per second. With total security, reliability, scalability, quality, high performance and low operating costs.

BUMO 14 Roadmap.png

BUMO RoadMap And Timeline

The BUMO´s Timeline (https://www.bumo.io/), together with all the programming and development elements of its platform, is currently in Beta.

It is expected that the Roadmap is of a very wide scope for the fulfillment of its vision and of the proposed objectives in the design of BUMO.

In fact, on May 12th BUMO was first released in the Silicon Valley of the United States; in front of a large number of business elites, blockchain experts and well-known investors from around the world.

And recently its Token Sale took place between August-September (1 September: Token Sale Ended).


Next, I present the Excellent Core Members of BUMO's Team (https://www.bumo.io/):

BUMO TEAM 16.png


BUMO: Conclusion, More Information And Resources

In conclusion, BUMO (https://www.bumo.io/) is the miraculous innovation as Blockchain platform and ecosystem of decentralized applications, with an excellent vision of the future; thought, designed and developed with the prospect of being a great future of profitable miracle in the field of ubiquitous transfer of values in Blockchain.

That is to say, the idea of using a Blockchain as a stock of values, with generating nodes, stockholders and transfer values, is excellent at the same time; and linked among themselves and with all the smart independent devices that exist in the world; to establish improving the capacity of an Internet of values.

In fact, the design of BUMO guarantees that the values are transferred in the most effective, fast, reliable, efficient, safe, optimal way, with infinite possibilities, of great scalability, and very attractive and profitable for the companies that join this great project.

In this regard, it is expected that this platform can quickly become a great means to transfer ubiquitous values with confidence, scalability, security and speed. Because BUMO is "The Best Decentralized Public Blockchain for Ubiquitous Value Transfer And Ubiquitous Trust Network on Application Ecosystem".

For more informations, please Watch this video:

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