IONChain: High Capacity And Security IoT Revolutionary System And Platform Based on Blockchain Technology and Edge Computing That Facilitates The Automation Of Transactions Between Smart Devices

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IONChain: High Capacity And Security IoT Revolutionary System And Platform Based on Blockchain Technology and Edge Computing That Facilitates The Automation Of Transactions Between Smart Devices

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To contextualize, it should be noted that one of the great achievements of the Internet is that it has allowed the possibility of building a universal network to exchange digital information among users, regardless of geographic location or discrimination of any kind and in use of various computers and smart interconnected devices.

So much so, that thanks to the Internet, the use of smart devices nowadays tend to be increasingly necessary and specialized for these purposes, motivating great technological innovations so that people can communicate more easily and exchange information in a timely manner.

In this sense, this growth of Internet has been noticeable since the appearance of Blockchains, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and valuable projects that periodically appear oriented to promote improvements framed in these technologies, with Internet, Blockchains and smart devices, in a beneficial society measured in several million dollars, users, investors and companies with a vision of a great future.

On the other hand, it is also inferred that the IoT (Internet of Things) network and industry is configured as a priority component for the development and consolidation of a new generation of information technologies of greater scope and benefits for all; to reach a new stage in the development of the Internet, because with IoT the smart devices will be completely connected to each other.

In other words, it is observed that the complete framework of the IoT ecosystem is currently being developed with the appropriate links, the compatibilities between the smart devices, the decentralized interactions in the Blockchains environment, the integrations of all the networks and the necessary improvements in the peer-to-peer applications focused on smart contracts. In this sense, to be called IoT as the third wave of global information technology.

All this framed in the idealistic and pragmatic paradigms of decentralization, the benefits of "mining" and the guarantees of security, soundness, transparency, power, speed, reliability and scalability, as essential requirements to promote the desired growth and consolidation .

Similarly, it is considered that with innovations in development processes, for the near future there will be many smart devices interconnected among themselves that will be able to generate, manage, process and transfer valuable information directly, easily, quickly, reliably and safely in the network of IoT and as an extension of the Internet merged with the Blockchain technology.

For these reasons, I can be deduced that the combination of Internet, smart devices and IoT, with the Blockchain and Edge Computing technology, will be able to offer us many possibilities, applications and developments that have not yet been explored, to generate multiple benefits in the exchange of information, in a safe, fast, reliable IoT ecosystem and generator of high remunerative value.

In this context, positive innovation has recently emerged from IONChain (, "High Capacity And Security IoT Revolutionary System And Platform Based on Blockchain Technology and Edge Computing That Facilitates The Automation Of Transactions Between Smart Devices". Which has been planned, designed, driven and developed to be the perfect and compatible link in the IoT ecosystem. In addition, to offer us its potential for safety, robustness, reliability, speed and power with great vision for the future.

Preamble With Problems And Needs

It is evident that there are many problems and needs in the virtual world; such as for example: compatibility, robustness, reliability, security, speed, real time, scalability, integration and economic benefits, that can be had or managed in a single system and platform with user-friendly applications the users.

In fact, one of the big problems that are currently handled in the IoT environment, is that there is no 100% compatible scheme, no large scale proposals, no total security, no reliable business models or adequately well established for the industry of IoT, among many other problems. Noting that there are very few real examples of commercial and industrial implementation of IoT but not so reliable, safe or 100% compatible and large scale.

So much so, that usually in IoT there are many complications in the softwares and hardwares of the systems to be able to interact with the smart devices and transfer their data between them and even to be able to connect with a Blockchain; therefore, it has not yet been possible to obtain economic benefits with smart devices IoT, based on the immense data resources they generate, but which are hardly applied in limited use cases and in business scenarios of relative compatibilities.

On the other hand, it is observed that until now the industry has been little able to use the Blockchain technology correctly to carry out the secure transfer of information and values different from the smart devices IoT, due to problems of protocols, insecurities, reliability, incompatibilities and the lack of integration it can provide it.

Similarly, it has been verified that there are still many data security and privacy protection issues that have held back the expected massive transfer of data that smart devices IoT can generate or collect in the future with the limitations of tangible benefits.

In this order of ideas, it is obvious to recognize that the security of the data and the protection of privacy, represent issues of care, risks and threats that must be analyzed and resolved with great care because they affect the development of this new Internet technology; especially if they are smart devices IoT that collect sensitive data from companies or in our homes. This means a lot of concern, especially if the IoT data is stored in companies with servers and centralized database systems and vulnerable to attack by cyber pirates.

On the opposite side, another problem related to the limited interoperability between the different platforms is evident, because due to the natural competitiveness between the companies, each of them tries to impose its closed protocols and centralize the data of its smart devices IoT, creating barriers for the exchange of information.

Therefore, it is problem large companies avoid their competitors benefit from the data of their IoT ecosystem and thus creates the new problem and difficulty of not being able to extract and put to circulate the real value of the data of each smart device IoT to be exploited and generate economic benefits.

In addition to the above, it has despite the large increase in the size of the network bandwidth in recent years, cloud computing is not yet fast enough to support the IoT industry; especially, when it becomes very massive and if it is applications that require large data transfers, interactions and control schemes in real time. Because currently the IoT networks built in the cloud tend to have a long delay that can reach up to almost a second per cycle, which means a lot of slowness and cause of failures in almost all aspects of industrial and residential use.

Likewise, the problem of the current persistence in the denial of the IoT industry with the use of Edge Computing has been demonstrated, which complicates several problems because the traditional architecture of cloud computing will not be able to provide the answer in the near future. Because real time needed in many applications scenarios in the Internet of industrial things, smart homes and vehicles technologies, among others; and due to the natural delay of the cloud network, that not admitting the smart devices in network with Edge Computing, these problems of delays in data transfers will persist.

In fact, it is currently difficult to connect with smart devices (Iot) to transfer data or possible values through any Blockchain, since usually do not recognize any device and tend to block accesses that do not have the specific private key of the network closed.

In short, analyzing the problems and needs that currently exist in the framework of the Internet, Blockchain and the emerging IoT, many problems are detailed that affect them with evident failures of compatibility, integration, decentralization, data security, privacy protection, speed, scalability, transfer in real time and obtaining economic benefits, among other aspects.

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IONChain And The Solutions

In the first place, IONChain ( is oriented to solve the problems and needs mentioned above and to offer much more. Therefore, IONChain was designed and developed as an IoT infrastructure and integration project that will solve security, transfer, circulation, sharing and data transactions problems based on an IoT data network in the world of Blockchain Technology and Edge Computing; offering a solid, reliable, safe, powerful, fast, integrating, compatible, responsible and remunerative ecosystem.

In fact, IONChain was born to create a Blockchain with advanced Edge Computing technology, with an innovative, open, secure and reliable system and platform that integrates smart devices in IoT networks; in addition to processing, storage and transfer of data and applications at the edge of the network, close to the source of the data (smart IoT devices); to become the solution to the problems of reliability, speed, fast connection, operations in real time, massive transfers without delay, smart applications, security and protection of privacy, among other aspects.

In this regard, it should be noted that Edge Computing technology is one of the main tools of IONChain to solve the problems of the IoT industry; especially in terms of speed in the transfer of data to be able to operate in real time, with adequate protection of privacy, data security and the beneficial utility of information technology and advanced computing.

Likewise, it is highlighted that the smart devices with the processors based on the ARM architecture (Advanced RISC Machine, leading architecture in current mobile devices) and in turn based on a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) architecture, will be the fundamental bases in the nodes within the IoT network (smart mobile phone, smart router, smart microwave, smart switches, smart vehicles and smart industrial UAV terminals, among many others).

In fact, the nodes of the IoT networks in the Blockchain with Edge Computing, will be able to perform complicated processing and storage of data or AI solutions; with a large number of smart devices that will generate the necessary data for many complex and commercially valuable applications scenarios.

As an initial stage in the solutions to problems by IONChain integrated to the Edge Computing (with IONChain Fog Computing), the development team has focused on guaranteeing the security, protection and validity of the data, facilitating its circulation and exchange of information, data and to establish the optimal connection with the IoT network nodes of any type through the Blockchain technology and without pettiness.

IONChain also has the solution for the lack of compatibility between smart devices and global standardization, by unifying the technology of smart devices IoT, making their communication parameters through the IoT network equal, regardless of the smart device used and implementing their Innovative vision and concept: "One Device, One Code, One Coin".

In addition, IONChain has introduced the beneficial concept that each IoT smart device connected to IONChain is a mining machine, and it can extract and receive a payment in cryptocurrencies through the "ionization algorithm", which calculates the precise rewards based on: volume of data, time, space and many other determining dimensions to measure the reward obtained by the smart device.

On the other hand, with the novelty of IPFS (Inter Planetary File System), IONChain solved the bottleneck contradiction between the volume of data blocks and the transaction speed, allowing the distributed and encrypted storage of IoT data. Security opts that access to the relevant data will be restricted only to users in possession of the relevant private key and in the separation of storage and transaction processing that resolves the contradiction between the size of the data block and the speed of the transaction.

Similarly, with the use of the smart contracts protocol, the emergence of innovative business models will be encouraged because the same users will be able to design their own digital agreements, automating payments for data commerce and therefore, a greater exchange of data will be fostered in the evolution of transfer from person to machine to transfer from machine to machine, in peer to peer format.

Therefore, IONChain has sought to solve a wide range of current problems of IoT networks in terms of data security, data circulation, data exchange and data transactions, thus improving the efficiency, security, compatibility and benefits of the entire IoT ecosystem.

In general, it is evident that IONChain is the solution in IoT because it has been designed and developed for the integration of IoT networks through IntelliSense, identification technology, generalized computing and other perceptive telecommunications technologies to create a network that focuses on the security, compatibility, speed, reliability, reward and ease to transfer digital data anytime, anywhere, based on Blockchain technology and Edge Computing that facilitates the automation of transactions between smart devices

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Philosophy of IONChain

IONChain ( is a decentralized and integrating system and platform revolutionary and innovative IoT, based on Blockchain and Edge Computing technology that facilitates the automation of transactions between smart devices, with a compatible ecosystem, powerful, fast, reliable, secure, backed by its OINC cryptocurrency.

That is, metaphorically IONChain represents the binding ions in the molecules, based on smart devices throughout the IoT; serving the platform as the link between the IoT smart devices, with decentralized peer to peer interaction among all the smart IoT devices.

The mission of IONChain is to develop a compatible, integrative and beneficial ecosystem IoT, in which each smart device connected to the IoT network that provides valuable data can act as a mining machine by contributing its processing power through the ionization algorithm of IONChain (receiving IONC tokens as a reward).

Regarding the vision of the future of IONChain, it is stated that it also promotes integration compatibilities, so that smart devices IoT connect with each other and allow the information in the IoT network to flow without barriers; therefore, millions of smart devices can be connected to make IONChain more powerful and beneficial.

In this sense, the global vision of IONChain is to help break down the communication barriers between the different types of smart IoT devices and link them using a universal standard, through the synergy between the decentralized Blockchain architecture and the Edge Computing applications.

Therefore, IONChain has a long-term vision of the future to partner with manufacturers of smart IoT devices and physically integrate their identification codes in all smart commercial, residential and industrial products; which will function as an identifier in the IONChain network so that smart devices are unique, secure and standardized in the IoT backbone network.

IONChain 6.png

IONChain: Automation, Compatibility & Integration

IONChain ( has been designed and developed with a lot of flexibility to be compatible, able to adapt and integrate into any environment that an IoT network can cover, functioning as an indispensable and integrating gear within the ecosystem of IoT.

In fact, IONChain supports any exchange of data between smart devices, in addition to the transaction of the operating authority, because smart contracts can be customized to adapt to almost any integrating scenario, allowing the automation of interactions between smart devices and transferring values and data automatically through the decentralized IoT network.

Therefore, each device can be converted into an automated mining machine and integrated into the IoT ecosystem of IONChain, by providing valuable data, once connected to the IONChain network and contributing with its computing power through the unique ionization and consensus algorithm to determine the value provided by smart devices IoT.

In this sense, the algorithms are integrated to jointly determine the reward value for the Data Quality Test Consensus and the Time Lapse Test, which will indicate the number of IONC tokens that will be distributed to the smart devices that work as a mining team.

So much so, that IONChain presents the novel concept of "One Device, One Coin, One Code" that facilitates the integration of IoT devices with the IONChain Blockchain network using Edge Computing technology, to make it easier for each device in the IoT network is used as a mining machine, so each IoT device that is integrated into IONChain is available to receive mining rewards paid with IONC tokens.

All this means that due to the use of Blockchain technology combined with Edge Computing and Smart Contracts allows automation, integration and compatibility to be simultaneous realities. In addition, the data source will always be reliable and verifiable, the value of quantifiable data and data transfers are fast and secure. To facilitate the emergence of the IoT standard and drive the entire industry to the next level of IoT development.

IONChain 7.png

IONChain: Main Characteristics

The vision of the future and the potential of IONChain ( has the following main characteristics:

.- Reliability for complete data security and privacy protection, by applying decentralized storage methods in conjunction with Edge Computing for IoT security and privacy.

.- Better, more remunerated, faster and more effective IoT data exchange and circulation processes by integrating and breaking the IoT data island dilemma and monetizing the process, to encourage and accelerate the circulation and exchange of B2B data (the purchased data packages will be released automatically after the funds transfer has been registered in the IONChain ledger) and C2B (People can use IONChain to load data that will be monetized later in the system).

.- Smart Application Flexible and adaptable contracts for almost any circumstance to personalize and facilitate sharing the economy; allowing automated interactions between devices and devices and transferring value through the decentralized network.

.- Innovative Edge Computing integration resource with the Blockchain for secure real-time data transfers and optimize the IoT user experience.

.- The Blockchain layer is the main core of IONChain, and the consensus algorithm (IPOS) is the most important part of the blockchain layer.

IONChain 8.png

Benefits of IONChain

Without a doubt, the main benefits of IONChain ( are based on:

.- It is integrating, compatible, functional and remunerative to exchange data quickly, efficiently, safely and reliably.

.- It promotes the standardization, compatibility and integration of all smart devices for the free secure exchange of digital data, with operations in real time.

.- It is user friendly, to customize smart contracts and to automate data transfers and payments between smart devices.

.- It promotes the monetization and circulation of data in a secure manner.

.- Aspire to the connection of millions of smart IoT devices that can generate data and create value.

.- Offer the implementation of its central concept called: One Device (the IoT smart devices that participate in the IONChain ecosystem), One Coin (the IONC cryptocurrency) and One Code (the exclusive identification that can also be used as a wallet for these IoT devices within the IONChain network).

IONChain 9.png

IONChain Value Generation

In a unique way, the value creation process of IONChain ( is divided into four main categories with priority to the previous one:

.- Generation of Value: All information is created, processed, converted into a standard format and stored in each smart device (it has six layers: application, service, protocol, intelligent contract, blockchain and storage data).

.- Verification of Value: The data is processed through a consensus algorithm of combination PoW and PoS exclusive of IONChain.

.- Value Evaluation: All information is authenticated and protected against double-spending attacks.

.- Value Confirmation: when validating the data, an IONC token is generated for rewards payments.

IONChain 12.png

IONChain Token

The IONChain ecosystem and platform ( is supported by its own cryptocurrency called IONC as an official token, based on Ethereum with an adequate ERC-20 cryptography protocol to securely protect accounts and data from the users.

Therefore, IONC becomes the indispensable force that will sustain the growth of the IONChain network, being crucial for its economic model as the only authorized cryptocurrency within the IONChain ecosystem, which can be undermined by the smart devices linked in IONChain IoT.

Based on the IONC token, IONChain will distribute the rewards to users in exchange for access to their IoT devices and the generated data, with absolute security and protection of the user's privacy, based on encryption and anonymity algorithms.

In fact, IONChain has created a multiple consensus algorithm to determine the value contributed by connected IoT devices and thereby determine the number of IONC token that will be distributed as a reward for each smart device.

IONChain 13.png

IONChain: Wallet

IONChain also provides us with a practical, transparent, secure and efficient wallet called IONCWallet, fast, reliable and easy to use; to maintain and safeguard the IONC tokens and perform exchange operations.

The IONCWallet wallet has the particularity of making updates in real time, with reliable performance and guarantee of safety and reliability.

IONChain 11.png

IONChain: Use Case

The company LightGateIoT aims to build a smart lighting system with high quality, ecological, efficient features and with collection, processing and generation of environmental data. To be sold worldwide and display online information on real-time environmental conditions anywhere in the world.

But, no organization offers its the necessary operating conditions, business model, security, reliability, speed in real time, compatibility, formal standardization and integration IoT. Therefore, it plans to leave the project without effect until it can get with whom to develop it with great quality, safety and economic benefits.

Luckily, the LightGateIoT company met with IONChain, through the @originalworks contest, contacted the Team and there is already a pre-agreement to develop the project focused on its guidelines and advised by IONChain developers to standardize its smart lighting devices and environmental data collection; with which it is already guaranteed the sale of millions of units around the world.

IONChain 15.png

IONChain RoadMap And Timeline

The IONChain timeline ( is currently in the process of development and positive execution.

Being the Roadmap of very broad scope for the fulfillment of its mission, vision and of the proposed objectives in the design and development of IONChain. As shown below:

IONChain 16.png


IONChain is defined by the experience of its excellent team, very capable and efficient, which has shown much success and knowledge in the context of Blockchain.

Based in Singapore and Shanghai, the team is made up of capable developers who have worked with great success on major projects. Next, I present the Excellent Principal Members of the IONChain Team (

IONChain 17.png

IONChain 18.png

IONChain: Conclusion, More Information And Resources

In conclusion, I can say that IONChain ( is an excellent and expected innovation and solution as the Blockchain platform and Ecosystem IoT, with an excellent vision of the future and great benefits.

IONChain and its IONC cryptocurrency are designed and developed to be very powerful, efficient, robust, scalable, secure, fast and resistant to dynamic and variable network failures and vectors of speculative, malicious and fraudulent attacks.

It is noteworthy that IONChain and its innovative concept of "One Device, One Coin, One Code" oriented in the integration of the IoT devices with the Blockchain IONChain network, facilitates the synergy with the "Edge Computing" technology, so that every smart device in the IoT network can be rewarded with cryptocurrencies; without undermining the data source which will always be reliable, verifiable, fast and secure; to push the entire industry to the next level.

In this sense, it is expected that this platform can quickly become a large global IoT network for smart devices with confidence, scalability, security and real time. Because, IONChain is a complete system and revolutionary IoT platform with high capacity and security, based on Blockchain and Edge Computing technology that facilitates the design and automation of transactions between smart devices.

For more information, please see the following video (Fudan University Blockchain lecture, Liu Tao IONChain CEO) and then the links shown below:

IONChain Website:

Note: Is the Official Website of IONChain (which has no relationship with "". The latter is a completely separate entity, independent and has no relationship with IONChain).

IONChain Bitcointalk Explanation:

Note: in Bitcointalk a lot of details are available about IONChain.

IONChain WhitePaper:

IONChain YouTube:

IONChain Steemit:

IONChain Telegram:

Note: In Telegram, the IONChain Team has a dedicated group to answer questions.

IONChain Twitter:

IONChain Medium:

IONChain LinkedIn:

IONChain Github:

ORIGINAL WORKS (@originalworks) & IONChain Contest:

Images Sources (Edited): & &


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