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Besides Steemit and Steem, I have recently got into the crypto currency world. I am not expert but I truly believe that there is a promising coin which is being highly overlooked right now and has a lot of potential. The coin that I am talking about is called Monacoin.

Monacoin is a Japanese cryptocurrency which is mostly if not only used in Japan. I believe this coin will be the next Bitcoin after it becomes more popular outside of Japan. You might as me why I think so and I will tell you the reason.

Monacoin started selling at only pennies just a few years ago, and is now around 4.15 to 4.35 dollars. I am not good at math but, that seems like a huge increase. Around the end of the year in 2017 it went to about 20USD.

I bought in at 445 JPY, but I truly believe that I made a smart investment. If you decide to buy into Monacoin I think that you should try to buy-in when it comes down a little.

As for stability, I can't explain exactly how to explain it because I am just a beginner when it comes to crypto, but it is much different and much more advanced then Bitcoin.

Please do your own research before investing in Monacoin, but I am really confident that it will skyrocket any day now. It might be at the end of the year as it did last year, or it might be in four years.

As I said before, I am just a beginner at this crypto.
If I have written anything which is wrong please feel free to comment in the comment section. I am still learning so every piece of real information is very much valued.

Thank you for upvoting, subscribing and most of all commenting.

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