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The commissions in the blockchain

One of the most popular features within digital platforms that make use of blockchain technology is the charging of commissions for each of the transactions. The fee collection was the mechanism devised by the first ecosystems but this situation transferred the maintenance cost of the platform to the users that gave life to the cryptoactive platforms. With the popularization of cryptoactives and blockchain technology, commission charges have generated great discontent among users, as the increase in the number of transactions due to the growth of the community and the high commission rates make it impossible for that same community to have the opportunity to move your money.

A platform like Digitex where the transactions of the token holders will not have to pay high commission rates is highly attractive and provides the basis for other ecosystems that are based on blockchain technology to cover their maintenance expenses and obtain profits by issuing currency additional fee instead of charging fees.

Now the blockchain offers investors a great tool for the financial world: the Smart Contracts. Smart contracts is one of the last generation options for all those people who wish to invest or make transactions in the cryptographic world. Likewise, for the futures markets trading is one of the fundamental tools.

Future Markets

Before we continue researching about Digitex we have to really know what are the futures markets? A futures contract can be defined as a contract or binding agreement between two parties in which they commit to exchange an asset (an asset ranging from commodities to stock indices), at a certain price and at a pre-established future date.

Futures contracts is a financial tool that allows to combat the volatility of excessive prices of raw materials, interest rates, exchange rates, and the price of cryptocurrencies. It is a mechanism designed to manage the risk of fluctuation of the previous variables.

Futures contracts are one of the most popular financial derivatives that exist in financial markets today. Currently, in addition to its use as a hedging instrument, they are used to complement trading or trading strategies. This last application is possible due to the increase in the volume of trading in this market in recent years, which allows having counterpart and the facility to undo operations quickly.

The problem of tariffs

When contracts are made to futures, the rates associated with the contract in other platforms could make an investment with a low rate of return to a bad investment that generates large losses to users. Only with an ecosystem where they do not exist is it possible to conceive a commercial strategy of a high volume of commercialization and low margin of profit, this type of strategies in another platform would result in losses of money but with The Digitex Futures Exchange the exchange of futures acquires another dimension.

Another feature that needs to be highlighted is that Digitexwill make it possible to reduce costs by increasing the volume of available contracts. This makes Digitex the ideal platform for small investments since they will not have associated costs in each transaction. Small and large investments will have better conditions that will make them more profitable than in other platforms.

What is Digitex?

Digitex is a commission-free futures exchange in which traders can buy and sell futures contracts on the price of BTC / USD, ETH / USD and LTC / USD without transaction charges in any transaction. The absence of fees associated with each negotiation combined with a high level of leverage and an intuitive trading interface allows traders to pursue high-volume and short-term trading strategies without their investment being curtailed by commissions. With its own native currency, called the DGTX token, the platform covers its costs by creating and selling a small number of new DGTX tokens each year instead of charging high transaction fees. It should be noted that only after 2 years of the initial sale of token is that they will reissue new tokens.

The Future of Digitex

The markets of the United States and Europe handle around 3.4 billion dollars annually. With this large market available in the main economic centers, the future of Digitex is assured. A community where transactions are made without paying any commission is one of the biggest attractions of it. This makes it the perfect place for small and new investors who wish to insure their capitals in the face of volatile markets or for investors with investment strategies of large volumes.

In order to ensure the success of Digitex and its futures exchange, it is necessary to guarantee traders / investors a highly liquid market in DGTX tokens. Buying and selling DGTX tokens in this ecosystem can be done free of charge and quickly. Likewise, traders will have the ability to instantly convert a wide range of crypto-currencies into DGTX tokens and to perform the reverse process with zero transaction-associated fees.

The exchange of future Digitex

This project has a large number of features, among the main features and benefits of this plaforma we can mention:

  1. Zero negotiation fees
  2. Decentralized account balances
  3. Highly liquid futures markets
  4. Automated market makers
  5. Digitex native currency
  6. Tokens emission income model
  7. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin futures
  8. One-touch negotiation interface
  9. High leverage
  10. Without automatic deleveraging
  11. Sub-millisecond order concordance
  12. Discovery of off-chain prices, chain agreement
  13. Decentralized governance by Blockchain
  14. Complete privacy

How will users control how Digitex Futures Exchange is financed?

Thanks to the issuance of new tokens, the platform will be able to cover maintenance expenses and compensate the past and future work of the developers and the entire team. In this type of system, one of the fundamental issues is to be able to issue Tokens and maintain the price that makes the platform more and more solid. This platform requires a consensus on the quantity and distribution of the tokens, for which Digitex establishes a mechanism to reach a democratic solution where all DGTX token owners can be an active part of the decentralized quality of Blockchain.

This governance system will allow the users of this platform to decide on all the issues of the new tokens since their issuance and when to issue them. Maintaining the exchange of futures in a high-value solid token is best for all DGTX owners. This quality is what will allow the exchange of futures, creating a high demand for the DGTX token, adding use value to the value assigned by its high demand in the market.

One of the concerns associated with the issuance of tokens is the loss of currency value due to the new issuance. This relatively small risk will be more than compensated by the demand created by the operators that must have DGTX tokens to participate in the markets. liquids without commission that are created with this model.

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