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The cryptocurrencies are here to stay

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have become the center of thousands of looks for investors and for hundreds of people interested in blockchain technology. This has led to an increase in the number of cryptoactives and with it, the volume of daily transactions that the network must process has increased at a gigantic rate. The growth brought with it the need for increasingly complex routing, greater and better security protocols and has required platforms to develop technology capable of integrating more without detracting from the speed with which transactions are processed.

The scalability of the network together with the security of the assets has become one of the main requirements in recent years in the cryptographic world. The exchanges are the nerve centers of transactions in this digital age. However contradictory it may seem, blockchain technology seeks to decentralize systems and that all members of an ecosystem are part of the control of the platform and when we need to exchange our assets we resort to centralized platforms where we lose control of our cryptocurrencies during the transaction.

Additionally, as the volume of transactions increased due to the large number of users, there was a necessary increase in the computational power of the network and this considerably affected the cost associated with each transaction. Transaction costs increased and converted cryptocurrencies into a reserve of value. Many of the current cryptocurrencies are designed so that users can make a large amount of micropayments, with the platforms to be on par with companies that handle conventional means of payment that handle a large number of transactions per second.

Liquidity Network enters with a host of innovations that solve these problems and giving the possibility to existing platforms to improve the services they provide to the blockchain community.

Liquidity Network scalability and security for the blockchain

It is a network designed and designed with Ethereum technology to support a large number of users. Its main features are great simplicity, transparency and compatibility with existing technologies, this platform is designed to solve the existing scalability problems and rapid adoption by the entire cryptographic community. Thanks to Liquidity Network we will be able to carry out transactions at an incredible speed and almost instantaneously as in centralized platforms, but with the difference that we will have the backing of block chain technology for our comfort and security.

How does Liquidity Network work?

When the transactions have to be registered and verified by all the nodes of the block chain, the confirmation of each transaction becomes a process with a long waiting time, this being one of the most sensitive steps when carrying out any exchange, since the funds of users until the network does not confirm the transaction are vulnerable, being able to get lost due to network errors or even being stolen by third parties

Liquidity Network uses the concept of atomic transactions with which transactions are carried out outside the chain. This type of exchange is the perfect solution to avoid saturation and chain congestion and avoid high transaction fees. These exchanges to be achieved out of the chain raise the scalability of any ecosystem since thousands of transactions can be processed in seconds at low costs.

Liquidity Network architecture

The Liquidity Network infrastructure combines the best of the cryptographic world with the best features of centralized systems. The best of both worlds, Liquidity Network manages to combine the efficiency and rapidity of centralized power plus the security of decentralized blockchain technology. The Liquidity Network architecture is based on the concept of hubs. Hubs are designed to provide users with the real possibility of making transactions with any user connected to that hub, out of the chain and at a reduced cost.

Hubs are the cornerstone within this platform, since transactions are made outside the chain, a server is needed that will be responsible for performing the calculations and executing the protocols quickly and efficiently. Thanks to this, it is possible to lower costs. Although the concentrators have an important function within the ecosystem, a large part of the security is due to the fact that the users will only execute their funds once the calculations are finished within the system. In this way security and transparency are raised to a higher level.

The architecture places many advantages at our disposal and one of them is that the funds are no longer blocked between only two users, but are accessible to hundreds or thousands of users in the same hub. At the same time, the funds are insured by the chain of blocks, other users can not steal funds allocated to other users.As if that were not enough, the technology is designed in such a way that we can have interconnected centralized systems and even an entire network where users would have at their disposal several centralizers at their disposal, thus creating an axis where all would be interconnected.

Liquidity Network has as fundamental pillars of its system the technology No-CUST protocol and the Revive.

No-CUST protocol and the Revive

One of the main problems in any exchange is having the possibility of rebalancing the payment channels. Thanks to the Revive technology, the rebalancing of the payment channels can be done safely in the hubs even though their transactions are carried out outside the chain. With REVIVE, an arbitrary set of users in a network of payment channels will be able to establish the ideal conditions to rebalance their channels safely. This will be done according to the preferences of the owners of the channel being one of the elements to be considered by the users at the time of joining it to it.

One of the greatest advances in security level that was achieved with Liquidity Network is that user funds are not left to the platform, no user is in need of providing the keys of their accounts for any type of transaction. What eliminates the possibility that people's assets will be affected if not

Token LQD

Liquidity Network creates its own LQD cryptocurrency with the intention of integrating this currency within its platform to attract the end users and merchants and to be able to cover the expenses for the services of the platform. Undoubtedly, this token seeks to break into an increasingly competitive and open market and position as a secure payment method for processing payments within the network. The token allows the holder to participate in the Liquidity Network: it is an access token to pay for auxiliary services (for example, channel monitoring) and will be the currency used by those users who wish to open a hub, LQD will be the means of payment in the concentrators.

New Features

New payment features:

  1. The Liquidity Network allows any member of a payment center to pay any other member of a payment center at zero transaction fees.
  2. The Liquidity Network offers instant and establishment of channels outside the chain: no prior cryptography is required.
  3. The Liquidity Network operates with simple routing designs, avoiding complex routing topologies.

New exchange characteristics

  1. The Liquidity Exchange performs instantaneous exchanges outside the chain without having funds from users, and is resistant to excessive chain transaction fees.
  2. The exchange of liquidity can still operate under blockchain congestion, it provides a more stable and professional level of service.
  3. Off-chain exchanges are instantaneous and can achieve commercial speeds of traditional centralized exchanges.

Case of use

Antoine decides to venture into the cryptographic world, begins protecting some of his assets in cryptocurrencies but the fluctuations of the market make him understand that he needs to invest his assets to be able to obtain profits and make his reserve of value a profitable investment in the short and medium term.

For this reason, he decides to trade, during the first months he manages to amass a considerable amount of money and decides to diversify the number of cryptocurrencies of his assets. At this time he found Exchange who lost part of their capital when he wanted to make exchanges, he found long waiting times and a lot of buts to change from one crypto to another.

It was not until he found the Liquidity Network that he found the platform with which he was able to quickly exchange his assets from one currency to another, managing to diversify his assets and earn money which at another time he would not have been able to do it if he had not had Liquidity Network


The scalability of the blockchain systems is one of the main challenges faced by the ecosystems that need to be positioned within the next few years. The popularization of the blockchain will only be possible if it transcends as a store of value and at the same power allows micropayments to be made by users with the same ease and speed as traditional companies.

With Liquidity Network this is possible, the scalability is made thanks to the transactions atomized out of the chain this allows the existing ecosystems that decide to join this platform to eliminate the bottlenecks of its platform and reduce the costs associated with each transaction. With this also the new projects will not have to make excessive investments in hardware with which to be able to guarantee a much greater computational potential. Liquidity Network is the secure solution for the scalability of the cryptographic world.

Here I leave a video to learn a little more about the application

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