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Video games in any of their forms and game modes (RTS, MOBA, Turn-based, Role, MMORPG, sports) have become the most sought-after products in the entertainment market. This makes it not a coincidence that currently many companies are fully dedicated to the development of video games as a commercial activity. This market has averaged a year-on-year growth of close to 6.2%. It is currently mobilizing billions of dollars and is projected to continue increasing in the next five years. A growing market and the expectation of great profits have been the initial motivation of many new teams that have wanted to design some kind of video game to bring it to market.

A rain of teams have embarked on this task. Some without evaluating the technical difficulties inherent in this work, others with great ideas and incredible gameplay but without adequate financing. This market has experienced a gigantic growth but the large ones necessary to achieve a high quality product have left out hundreds of equipment that did not have the financing. The current situation is that it is a market controlled by a few and in this scenario that new teams can come to light is very complex.

Xaya Website is a platform designed to create games using blockchain technology. This platform has exceptional qualities that make it possible to create games with almost unlimited complexity, with incredible scalability without the high costs for buying hardware or contracting services in the cloud. Xaya Website without a doubt leaves the table served to all the new teams of innovators so that they can give free rein to their creativity with the certainty that their game will come to light.

Xaya Website allows the teams to make their dream come true!

Xaya solves the problem of ownership

Many of the games currently available do not guarantee users the ownership of the assets gained in the game dynamics. Many are those who complain in the chats and forums that the control of the game resides in a few. This group has all kinds of permits within the game and can even withdraw the rewards obtained in the game (coins, armor, weapons and positions) at the time they wish and the worst thing is that the players can not do anything about it.

With Xaya Website, this changes radically. All the games designed and executed on the Xaya Website platform are created under the premise that digital assets are really owned by the players. In addition, you are guaranteed a secure exchange platform for these assets thanks to blockchain technology. This will make it possible to exchange the digital assets of any universe of Xaya Website, both within the game for similar assets or a similar asset or for cryptocurrencies through simple and secure exchanges of their online products.

The Xaya Websiteteam, thanks to its experience in the previous projects of Namecoin and huntercoin, has developed an innovative vision in which players are guaranteed within the system platform where they can carry out a secure marketing process of their virtual assets where all the parties are sure that they will not be scammed and they will get the agreed upon. The blockchain technology makes fraud virtually impossible on this platform.

Technical details

Xaya Website employs a technology based on the proven experiences of Namecoin. This technology solves the scalability problems of games with the implementation of side chains within the blockchain. This would allow users to perform thousands of transactions without this meaning long waiting times for the confirmation of thousands of transactions or a slower game as more players are integrated.

The possibilities added to the platform thanks to the use of side chains are almost endless. Add new and better features will be possible without constantly modifying the code since the new improvements will be developed using another blockchain and then finally be connected to the main chain. At the same time, this would avoid the saturation of a single chain of blocks, as it currently happens, by using different chains.

One of the features of this platform is the possibility of performing atomic transactions. This is no more than the system considers a set of operations as a single operation that can prosper or fail. This set of operations will be grouped as a single transaction that once confirmed will be the information that will be stored within the block. If an operation is executed correctly, it gives way to the next operation, otherwise it performs a ROLLBACK operation that undoes the data or the state that was to be persisted and ends the execution unit or the scope of the transaction.

In this type of transaction must be signed (approved) by the parties, so that transfers for example between buyer and seller need consent and mutual acceptance or the transaction will not be effective. This is done to prevent fraud by some of the parties. These transactions are made in side chains outside the blockchain, without delegation of trust or ownership, which allows users to make transactions almost unlimited between them.

Additionally, it has an extremely useful feature for the resolution of possible conflicts: ephemeral timestamps. These are an online mechanism that demonstrates that a series of data has existed and has not been altered from a specific moment in time. This guarantees a resolution of the problems in a fair way without overloading the blocks with data once the conflicts have been resolved.

Two games of global size

Soccer Manager and Treat Fighter are the games in charge of publicizing this new phase of entertainment in video games. Treat Fighter is a handmade game where players can bake their best fighters. The kitchen becomes the strategic center of the fight ring. The game is designed to run completely in the chain of blocks in such a way that each of the nodes in the network are acting as servers.

Xaya Website will allow Soccer Manager players to become a true manager. Players will be able to direct the most famous teams of the leagues of the world for entire seasons. They can buy and sell team players as well as buy complete stadiums within the platform.

Soccer Manager and Treat fighter are designed to offer players a judiciously fair game and a true ownership of the resources in the game. These games will enhance their qualities within the market, and may even reach thousands of people from the moment of its launch. Xaya becomes the pioneer project by integrating the blockchain platform with games of the highest level to offer a game experience never before seen.

Main Features

Cases of Uses

Steve along with his team has developed an incredible game, with exceptional graphics and a story that makes that just by seeing one of the characters we are enchanted with the story. Due to the high costs associated with the game production development process, a monetization strategy is necessary that will allow them to cover at least the operating expenses in the first stage.Steve is presented with several strategies that range from adding in-game advertising to using ads and videos when leaving the game. None of these proposals convince him. Your friend from the university Michael is immersed in the cryptographic world and recommends that you use Xaya.

Steve is initially reluctant but when he realizes that the costs of running his game on the platform of Xaya Website dismuiran considerably begins to think. His doubts are completely dissipated when the strategy of monetization for your game boosts your profits thanks to the use of blockchain and definitely gets married with the project when it learns that a percentage of the mined human coins "deposited" go to the developer.

For Steve Xaya Website was the perfect platform for the monetization of your project and the reduction of costs to start walking.

Xaya Team

Xaya Main Sale

Road Map

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