DAEX – The Most Reliable Clearing Ecosystem for Digital Assets

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DAEX – The Most Reliable Clearing Ecosystem for Digital Assets

What is DAEX ?

It supplies both traders and exchanges having a more efficient and dependable trading atmosphere.

To separate trading and clearing to individual entities, it also produce a multi-asset wallet for both enterprises and dealers.

DAEX objective is to facilitate the duties of centralized exchanges by providing them with identity authentication, strength registration, advantage clearing and advantage settlement services.

For Who DAEX is ?


A decentralized clearing and settlement ecosystem based on DLT2


A bridge for connecting multiple centralized exchanges.


A reliable custodian of multiple assets. Accessible with secure a multi-segment key.

DAEX Attributes

Safe – A combined custodian organization for many enrolled resources inside DAEX ecosystem.
Transparent – A public clearing series that permits transparent bookkeeping details. Allowing everybody to watch and discuss the advantage of DAEX’s clearing ecosystem.

Centralized trades have a very long history of becoming a prime target for hacking classes. It feels like a weekly event where thieves can gain access and steal money from such entities, together with the numbers stolen ranging to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Somewhat like a lender, these centralized entities have been in complete charge of the money that the moment a dealer makes a deposit on the market. In addition they act as clearing houses offering order matching, clearing and settlement services. With this infrastructure, traders should fully expect the market to not just keep their resources securely from both internal and external risks, but also ease transactions that take place. The sexy pockets they utilize to store their clients’ electronic assets make it feasible for stated hacking efforts.
DAEX Cycle

DAEX Wallet – Supporting numerous resources for both individual and enterprise level clients.

DAEX Clearing Blockchain – A public clearing series affirms cross string clearing for electronic assets.

DAEX Fund – leveraging branches of cryptocurrency markets and pockets, cross string options and asset management jobs.

The clearing series is the core product of DAEX ecosystem, it supplies individual and institution clients with a unified clearing and settlement service with dispersed ledger technology.

The DAEX pocket supports several resources, which can be obtained with a multi-segment key, multiple encryptions maintain the pocket safe and protected. End users have complete possession and control of the resources.

DAEX Roadmap

Quarter 2 2018 – Publish DAEX Technical Whitepaper

Quarter 4 2018 – Release Test Web for Beta Testing Tool 1

2019 – Release Main Net Version 1.0 Quarter 2

2019 – Release Main Net Version 2.0

DAEX is already available on market and prepared to get exchages.

BCEX – https://www.bcex.ca/coins

ALLCOIN – https://www.allcoin.com/coins

INDODAX – https://indodax.com/

DAEX already uttered the Russian, South korean, Thai, Singaporean, Indonesian, and Australian markets.

Lately DAEX enlarged its worldwide ecosystem farther with tactical investments in identification technologies team IAME.

By partnering with IAME, the business goal’s to further enhance its product technical benefits.

DAEX job is quite straightforward and it’s friendly user, This endeavor includes a glowing future.



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