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IDMONEY offers a new crypto Governance model: One that is Social, Public and Global. Through the creation of IDMONEYtokens, the development of a tailored decentralized blockchain software, and an established model of governance, IDMONEY offers a solution through ownership. As the first public crypto, IDMONEY will take this three-tiered company and transfer ownership to three local governments.

Vision & Mission

  • Vision 2020:
    Global Money the world biggest multi-government money has no central bank disclaimer: Idmoney and Global Money, are utility token networks, that will be donated to local governments. Local governments Will decide if they remain utility tokens, or if they will be used as money.
  • Mission:
    IDMoney’s mission is to create a new governance model and free, distributed blockchain wallet to integrate crypto and self sovereign virtual personality to enhance local development and citizens’ empowerment.

Governance Model
IDMONEY proposes a different governance model; One that is a social, public, and global collaborative. One which will provide local governments with a decentralized blockchain software they can implement and integrate into their territory and use as a tool of empowerment for their citizens. One which will deepen their understanding of how best to regulate this crypto tool while promoting its growth and benefiting from economic stimulus. One which will enable the poor to create wealth for themselves and elevate persons from a place of poverty.

IDMoney Token
IDMoney Token Distribution
A total of 35,000,000 IDM will be created and divided into three portions:

  • 6,300,000 will be allocated to IDMONEY founders.
  • 21,700,000 will be managed by IDMONEY to support all operation and develop costs, including IDM software, governance model, project communication and education tasks.
  • 7,000,000 will be allocated to poverty reduction.

Token Sale Details

  • Presale
    A total of 1,000,000 tokens will be offered in the presale. Presale will begin JUNE 1st and continue until all presale tokens are sold. 1 million tokens will be sold in consecutive batches of 100 thousand units. The following presale bonuses will apply:
  • Sale
    A total of 21,700,000 tokens will be available for purchase once immediately after all presale tokens are sold. IDMONEY ICO sale will occur over a period of three years or until all tokens are sold.

detail info :

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