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Cryptocurrencies have come a long way to reach where it has mow. Ever since the pioneer coin, Bitcoin, was created, many developers and entrepreneurs have come up with various platforms to help make the ecosystem a better one. Unfortunately, many of them do not get to where they dream to be. Some of the reasons why new cryptocurrencies were created are due to security issues, profitability, robust faster system, utility and so many other reasons, whereas others struggle even to get their sales a success.

So while others dream of achieving these amazing qualities, Yusra Global is already delivering, and with that I mean Yusra has come to put a halt to many of these crypto brouhaha. Yusra is a modern day crytpo and blockchain platform seeking to create an alternative income and wealth generation for crypto enthusiasts. To that effect, the Yusra Wallet was created. The YUSRA WALLET is non-arguably a genuine and decentralized cryptocurrency wallet, working on its own blockchain, reliable and secure. This is owed to the fact that YUSRA platform utilizes the Proof of Stake (PoS) and YUSRA NODE technologies.


The Yusra Wallet has a whole lot of features integrated together. Ussers of the Yusra Wallet can access and assess the progress of their investment earnings, deposit and withdraw YUSRA, join nodes. Below is the genera interface a user is subjected to when the Yusra Wallet is opened:


The far left hand side depicts your username and the various options you can access on the wallet- your purse (starting from the top), Top up balance, Transfer, Buy coins, Transactions, Support.

The blue circle is your monthly income loading progress and refills after the end of each month. On the left of that us your mining wallet and that shows how much you are earning from mining.


Just below that is the add a node icon where one can join with a minimum of 50 YUSRA. I believe this is one of the cheapest you might have seen in the indusry.

And then the dark rectangle you see at the bottom is the profit calculator interface. inputting the node structure, your wallet balance and the coin hours will help you know the percentage monthly income (as depicted with the percentage)


And then lastly, Yusra Wallet cannot be a full wallet if it can't track the price of YUSRA right? That is why the most bottom interface is there. To help you know the current price of YUSRA on the market.


Yusra Global has one of the best wallet in the space with a very convenient and user friendly interface that suits the standards of every crypto wallet and the likeness by crypto enthusiasts. To get your hands on some YUSRA, just click on the “Top up balance side” link and then you will be headed to where you can purchase your desirable amount. The sales are closing very soon so you can hurry and get some before 11/01/2019 at a special price of $ 1.

You can get more info about Yusra Global at





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