Learn Leo | How to Calculate Mining Rewards for ANY Steem-Engine Digital Token Miner

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Hello and welcome to the first ever Learn Leo post. Learn Leo is an initiative that we at Steemleo (@steem.leo) have decided to create. The goal here is to teach new and existing Steemians how to use Steemleo and the Steem blockchain.

There are so many tools at our disposal and so many things that can be done on Steem. It’s overwhelming for anyone (especially new users) to learn how to use these tools and even learn that they exist in the first place.

Today, Leo the Lion is here to teach you about calculating real-time mining rewards for any Steem-Engine token.

Why is It Useful to Be Able to Calculate Mining Rewards From Steem-Engine Tokens?

The #1 question that is asked in the Steemleo Discord (and I’m sure, for any other tribe) is: “how much will I make if I buy a mining token and stake it?”

Many people ask why there isn’t just a set figure that tribes can talk about in a post to tell everyone..

It’s not that tribes are keeping some sort of secret about how much the miners earn, it’s that the calculation is based upon the total staked mining power which fluctuates constantly.

Digital Mining tokens are just getting started. The skill of being able to calculate the rewards from any digital miner on Steem-Engine will come in handy beyond just Steemleo's as you consider & explore mining tokens in the future.

So without further adieu, here’s how you can acquire this skill and calculate the mining rewards from the tools that the beautiful Steem blockchain provides!

How to Manually Calculate Mining Rewards

We’ll use LEOM and LEOMM (Steemleo’s digital mining tokens) as an example to show you how to calculate mining rewards. Note that you can use this method for calculating the mining rewards of any Digital Miner that’s built on Steem-Engine.

1). What is the mining power of each mining token? This is stated by the issuer of the token. For LEOM and LEOMM it works as follows:

1 LEOM = 1 mining power
1 LEOMM = 4 mining power

2). Calculate the % chance of mining based on the current amount of mining power staked.

https://steemleo.com shows the total staked LEOM and LEOMM statistics on the homepage, but not every interface has this feature.

If you don't see these staking statistics for the tribe you're researching, then head over to Steemd.com using the method that follows this image to determine the mining power.

(multiply the LEOMM staking number by 4 to get mining power and then add the total LEOM staking --> 9,003.27 * 4 + 240.35 = 36,253.43)

Ok, here’s where you get to use a fun blockchain tool. Head over to Steemd.com/@khaleelkazi (replace “khaleelkazi” with the issuer of whatever token you’re researching —> khaleelkazi is the issuing account for the LEO token)

Once you’re on Steemd, scroll down and find the the most recent mining claim tx (tx = transaction). The fastest way to do this is to open the search command on your browser, type mining and then your browser will automatically find the latest mining tx:


3). Now take the total mining power that you have staked and divide it by the current total staked_mining_power

i.e. if I have 10 LEOMM miners staked right now, then my mining power would = 40. My % chance of winning a "LEO mining round" would be 0.110334%

(40 / 36,253.413 = .00110334 * 100 = .110334%)

Bam! Now you have your % chance of winning a mining round.

Take that % chance and consider it with the settings of the tribe token you're researching.

For LEO:

  1. the mining rounds are every 1 hour
  2. 30 winning miners are chosen
  3. the mining pool is 15% of the total inflation (also see: claim_token_amount from that Steemd TX = 1.12 which is the current amount of LEO tokens paid to each winning miner)

So in my example, I have a .110334% chance of winning 1 mining round every 1 hour and the reward for winning a mining round is a fractional reward from the mining pool (currently ~1.12).



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this is super helpful, I think many wouldn't have figured this out on their own

I'd like to add 2 great links that makes doing this calculation for any mineable SE token straight forward:

1st check the global properties of the mineable token here:
(simply replace LEO with whatever token yoy want to check)

you'll get all the mining properties there even though it's a bit cryptic with the response being formatted as plain JSON, but it should really be self-explanatory:
[...] "miner_tokens":"{\"LEOM\": 1, \"LEOMM\": 4}","mining_pool_claim_number":30,"mining_pool_claims_per_year":8760 [...] etc

then, check the richlist to see how many miners are actually staked:

Checking these properties is the minimum due-diligence before buying miners, and you'll want to watch for the max-supply as well!! Your miners might lose "mining power" whenever the tribe simply decides to simply put more miners on the market!!!


Both of those are great tools as well and provide another option for calculating rewards. Thanks for sharing them ;)

Agreed, the bare minimum due diligence. A lot of steemians are jumping head first into any tribe that pops up without doing any due diligence. That's dangerous and poorly advised! Hopefully we see a better approach on their part moving forward.


This is very helpful. 👏
Thank you for the links.👍
I wish I could resteem your comment.🗣
Thank you.

🙏🏻 Peace and Good Health to you and yours.


haha... thanks for the praise!

yeah, resteeming a comment doesn't work... would be a cool feature actually!

but you know what... you could leave an upvote, though... I mean... after all that praise?!?

I really love this tribe. So informative!

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great information and much needed. Keep up the great work

I like my LEOMM coz it gives me something. I cannot say the same for EM, that one has not given me anything in 2 months. I mean it has not given me anything since ever not even 0.000001 ENG.


glad to hear it! The miners can be slightly counterintuitive. Research is definitely needed to find out the precise % chance of winning so that you know what to expect!


My SCT miners were like that. Nothing for days and I had like 50 of them.

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I hope new users like myself will very much gain from @learnleo. I do not wish to lose in this game of crypto investment. Thank you.

I remain that Linguist turned Crypto investor
I am @ApostleVincent

Thank you for this great lesson. I think with #Leanleo, My investment in #Leo and #leom will be well guided and secured.

Please! how can I unstake leomm ? how long would it take? I can't find no statements about that?


Click the unlock (padlock) icon at the right most end in the row of LEOMM token in your Steem Engine wallet and unstake it.


No pending ? Please!

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All that math then I see it was for LEOMM, and not for LEOM's which is the ones I have, only three of them, I understood how to figure out the LEOMM % but alas, I did not understand how to figure out if owning 3 LEOM's is even worth the effort.


3 LEOM = 3 miners. Thus Mining Winning Chance = 3 / 36,253.413 *100 = 0.00827508295%


I guess I is-understood, after the calculation thing, he mentioned LEOM, So I thought the calculation was only for holding LEOMM, (unfortunately I have none of them). At least I do have my 3 LEOM's and if they earn something that will be good.

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Why is it called a mining token? They do zero work. It's not labour, it's capital. Shouldn't it be called a share?

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How do I buy the miners? Any info on that would be appreciated.

Hi @learn.leo
This is outstanding! 👏👏
I had a rough understanding of the concept of mining power, but now that I have seen the math It is crystal clear. 🙌
This is one biggest reason I am here on Steemleo not just the cool name or cool niche, it’s the transparency here, and the passion for the ideal community.

🙏🏻 Peace and Good Health to you and yours.

Super helpful stuff. Please keep creating more content like this. STEEM and SCOT needs a lot of education and you are providing it for the masses. I'm following for more. 1 helpful article like this every 1-2 weeks can make great incremental differences to the investing loving community.

Nice! Thank you!

Now this is what I have been looking for. Thanks for the amazing tutorial. I will surely be following this account.

May I have a link for information that would explain how these Leo miners work?
Do they actually mine blocks?
Do they help secure the network?
I would love to read more and get a better understanding.
Thank yu