Not everybody on the internet is your friend

3년 전

From day one I became interested in crypto currency (which is not too long ago) I also wandered various social platforms for information, help, knowledge and amusement. One thing I noticed immediately was how recklessly people are talking about their financial situation.

Of course you feel great if you make profits and your life gets turned around. It´s also natural to have the urge to tell everybody how well you are now. If you have to do so, try to restrain yourself.

Do yourself the favor and do not tell anybody, especially not total strangers on the internet, how you just made 5 million$ by selling your bitcoins from back in the days. You´ll never know who´s reading your stuff. Since you don´t actually interact with people you feel anonymous and secure. But it is a wrong sense of anonymity and moreover a very wrong sense of security.

Ask yourself this: would you go to the worst part in your town, look for the dude who looks the most dangerous and tell him in the face that you just made 5 million$ with crypto money? Probably not. That´s good, because you shouldn´t.
Keeping your coins secure means not only to chose a safe (offline) wallet but also to keep them a secret from others.

Don´t seek financial endorsement online. You don´t need internet strangers to celebrate.

Stay safe.

Feel free to reply and discuss.

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