Which academic course covers indepth study of money laundering using crypto currencies?

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I have been trying to get the answer to this question for a while now. There are many countries which look at crypto currencies in a negative way because of the association of bitcoin with the dark web.  In the initial days there were shocks which the crypto currency world has absorbed. But it still carries those negative shadows in some countries like India. Hence i was doing my research to know more about the academic program where i can get in-depth information on laundering in crypto currencies. 

However, I could not see much in any of the global certifications before i struck this program called Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert which is offered by a company called Indiaforensic.

This program seems to have an exhaustive coverage on the topic of digital currencies and money laundering methods. I got hold of their syllabus from one of my colleagues in India and its really brilliant. 

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