Data Shows Crypto Is Still In A Bull Market

6개월 전

My friend Emma showed me a video of Jeff Berwick speaking at the North American Bitcoin Conference. The video is dated 7th February 2019. He shared some data in that video that gives a point of view that I had not been pivy to. I think it's worth sharing so here it is.

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The Jeff Berwick video I got this data from:

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cc Thanks for the great video. You mind sharing how you will use the new high level view to make buying decisions. You mentioned buying long term. I would like to know how this knowledge will influence your buy and sell decision? Again thanks and keep up the fantastic work!

At a very long time span analysis yes, but ... it is not the current perceived feeling ...

Really interesting, when you look at it from that point of view!!! Great show!!

Nice shirt. Yes, so much depends on perspective and on the level of abstaction or the horizon or period to consider. Its good to get accurate pictures. :-)

Thank you for sharing

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Dig the optimistic angle. The yearly lows info is standout interesting, yes. Thanks for the underscore there.

If you bought anything more than 2 years ago, you are still in the green. It's technically still a bull market depending on when you got in. Remember Bitcoin was under $1k, Litecoin was $4 and Ethereum was $10 just around 2 years ago.

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About your passing by, I would be happy, if necessary, about upvotes :)


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While still in a downtrend, the fundamental trends continue to improve demonstrating increased adoption and development of key protocols. I imagine we will soon start to see winners and losers become more clear.

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Very interesting I have always said to critics look as the fact its still up overall and massively. Just found you great info i'll be back 💯🐒

Funny how nobody want's BTC when it's at 3-4k and transactions work well.

You tried the lightning network? I've been helping out on something called the lightning directory ... basically you can add your site and if people like it they will pay to vote.

Have also made a how to:

Keep up the great work! It is awesome to see you on steemit still being active. I subscribed to you on YouTube but I first found you on iTunes.

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