Top 8 Crypto News Stories + Charts For BNB & BTT

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Here are 2 charts worth looking at plus comments on the top 8 crypto news stories that got my attention today 12th February 2019. Lots going on right now from where I'm sitting.

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What up CC. Thanks for the Apologies man. I feel you and only hope and wish you the best times infinity! May take forever lol! I been in the space for 2 years and today im going to purchase my 1st node (smartcash). For quite some time I always wanted 1 and the day has came. Thank you man for the news, education, happiness and greatness you brought me b4, now and in the future. Forever and age ago, i bought 200 binance for 20 bucks and help it for a month before selling it. I totally regret it and ill get back in.

Hi CV, thanks for transparancy ... you 'can' say whatever, no offence taken, I do like to learn a lot through your lenses ... Hope you earn a lot more followers on Patreon ... sure I advise everyone to try your courses at least to "try it out" using your giveaway, such knowledge ... I sure did learned a lot ...

Absolutely good video ;-)

I like this kind of show.

I bought around $100 of TRX a while ago, the price is around the same now. My BTT airdrop is currently worth $0.57, not worth selling. Maybe the price hasn't fallen because there's lots of people that don't have enough to make it worth selling? The whales will have more buy maybe they're less likely to dump?

Plenty of learning has occurred over the last year related to ICOs from an investor, project and regulatory perspective so I think we will come out of this with a better framework that sets the tone to the next wave of blockchain projects.

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