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No matter what city or time we lived in, the topic of housing has always been, is and will be relevant for many of us. In the end, despite what nationality we are and in which geographical area of ​​our large world we are, almost all of us still have the question of buying and acquiring our own housing. We all want to live and enjoy life, and at the same time feel comfortable at all stages of its development. No wonder they say that if you managed to close the housing issue, then in half your life you become less. Good. I do not know a single person who would not want to live in his house or apartment, where he felt with complete pleasure, felt happy.

The VITA team is determined to make this project the world's largest Smart Mortgage company. There is no need to settle for basic when you can have the best! You are probably wondering how you will benefit from VITA, so that each year the percentage of profit will be shared among all ICO investors. VITA ICO is not just a sale of tokens, but an investment in an idea that will change the world. The project will be a force to be reckoned with in the field of mortgages and real estate, and its main goal is to create and provide affordable green homes around the world. He has a long-term business model that is supported by investors like you and me.

With your assumptions and support, we understand that VITA can turn into a worldwide buddy for buying your first home. This will not only allow you to join the VITA group, but you can also increase some of the benefits of a genuine token token, which can provide real returns, as the cost of tokens increases in price.

After a fruitful initial discharge for beginners, it is hoped that VITA Smart Mortgages will be provided to each nearest buyer and can also be offered as remortgages for existing homes. Euturigep conceived the work of cryptographic-funded full-housing houses.

It's not as difficult as you might suspect that we just need the full responsibility and support of our speculators. VITA will be at the forefront of Smart Mortgages and will last a long time. We understand that cryptographic money will become the future of online cash, so what about starting with the structure of our future at this stage?

VITA working principle

Users with VITA tokens will be considered shareholders of the VITA family. Nevertheless, this is strictly for investors who are verified with the profit received by the company, distributed among investors in accordance with the percentage of their financial contributions. This means that the higher your investment, the more profit you can get. Selling tokens will help in developing the Vita market, marketing the platform worldwide and building green houses with 0% mortgage interest.

Features of the application for buyers:

  • VITA Platform Advanced property search. Property systems are user-friendly and display the full specification of real estate and all the necessary information, such as search by location, type of listing, price in cryptocurrency and decree, type of house, style and design. You can also narrow your search and filter the results based on specific requirements, such as number of bathtubs, year of construction, etc. The viewing will be booked and buyers will be able to apply for real estate.
  • Interactive maps with properties. Users will have a full view of properties online through maps, which will be next to the listed properties, allowing users to see homes in a specific area. The map thesis will also display neighborhoods and neighborhoods.
  • VITA Mortgage Calculator. You can calculate your monthly payments with and without utilities.

Key ICO Details

VITA = 0,002 ETH

Hard Cap: 5 000 000$

Pre-sale: 01.09 - 30.09

ICO: 21.10 - 30.11

And if you are interested in this campaign, then you can always find out the details by clicking on these links. And also draw some conclusions for yourself.

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Author: Derkovski (;u=2532827)

ETH wallet: 0x791258d60fa279f76a72E386A2aEC7A8acFc5339

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Arguably the best project to launch this year and will be widely used throughout the years.

Great development! The company does not cease to surprise us with its functionality! A very strong team is at once obvious!