Liquidity network - secure transactions.

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The platform in networks always gives us confidence in which value can flow with as much freedom as information, using its own existing intelligent ecosystem that is already present throughout the world. Exactly what I was looking for because who does not know how to manage a network is easier than that and, apart from how easy and simple. It also focuses on improving the ease of transfers through various networks within the Internet and the social media industry. By connecting digital assets, smart devices and user data.

The liquidity networks

They have a non-custodian financial intermediary which offers payment and exchange services in which the web wallet can be accessed at https: //wallet.liquidity network while mobile applications for Android supports millions of users securely, reducing the transaction costs significantly and allowing the main transmission of the blockchain adoption.

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One of the things that attracted me to liquidity networks is the scalability, security and protection of the blockchain, which is an easy implementation. It is likely that both people and companies avoid costly and complex processes in favor of traditional methods of value transfer and possible problems with data, codes or smart devices.

One of the great advantages that Liquidity Network provides us is that it has new payment features
Where the Liquidity Network allows any member of a payment center to pay any other member of a payment center thus obtaining faster and more fluid liquidity.

The liquidity network offers instant and off-channel channel establishment - without previous necessary crypto this also operates with simple routing designs, avoiding complex routing topologies.

another of the benefits of the Liquidity Network

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The centralization and security that is one of the most important factors of this platform that works for large masses of people, since being able to feel safe in the sense of how to handle and make decisions in this type of platform is what is causing the migration of large movements. to the platform. Chain of platform blocks. By doing it one of the best, do not hesitate and join. Taking into account the main point of advantage in my opinion, I go to the second very important point, the red problems that are often not safe, so this market, the future of personal data and other data, may be limited of many ways Cases, generating more profits for loyalty. and security search. It is also a system of exchange of cryptocurrencies that is governed by the agents of this system, so that in this model the balance always seeks to provide a greater benefit to the people who place the trust.

as such, a user who is joining a hub, can process their funds with any other member of the hub, instantly, out of chain and therefore, at significantly lower costs than regular chain transactions. The architecture of the hub is Novelty because the funds are no longer blocked between only two users, but accessible to thousands of other users in the same hub. At the same time, the funds are insured by the blockchain, other users can not steal the funds allocated to other users. Lightning technology is not appropriate to build a hub, because the center would have to open an excess amount of payment channels.

among other things, the design of the Liquidity and Exchange Network is centered around the notion of universal axes Another thing we should know Is it why the liquidity network is not centralized?

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This allows users to have their funds at any time (with the private key). The liquidity is designed in such a way that many centers can be interconnected in a network of hubs to provide a Dancy network, similar to a Lightning network of peers. A hub may choose not to forward payments. In case it happens, the user can simply withdraw their funds from the smart contract of the center, that the operator of the center can not be prevented the user would then join another hub.

Here is a video that gives a quick overview:

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