Kleros, a Justice Protocol for the Internet

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What is Kleros?

Kleros is nothing more than an optional dispute resolution platform, which functions as a decentralized system to third parties, is a decision protocol for a multipurpose court system capable of resolving all types of disputes on the Internet. From the smallest merchant to the largest corporations can make use of Kleros.
Kleros presents a chain of qualified and specialized juries in different classes and it is they who resolve disputes through the use of intelligent contracts and enforce the cases correctly. The result is a dispute resolution course that yields final judgments quickly, economically, reliably and fairly for all.

Disputes are a normal and usual part of any online interaction. Some disputes are conducted through friendly conferences, while others can be terribly long and confrontational for both parties involved.

The award is expensive and time consuming. With Kleros, both parties can be protected in case a contract is breached. Kleros uses crowdsourcing, blockchain and game theory technologies to develop a justice system that produces true decisions in a safe and economical way.

How does Kleros work?

Kleros links online to users who need to resolve their disputes with skilled juries capable of solving their disputes quickly, safely, accessible and always fair.

Open collaboration allows access to a global jury community. The blockchain technology guarantees integrity and transparency when selecting juries.

With Kleros the correct final judgments are issued, because they are based on granting incentives to judges who make correct judgments, using game theory to develop a justice system that produces true decisions in a safe and honest way.
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How does Kleros guarantee equity through its incentive system?

Thanks to the Kleros incentive system, the judges act honestly since the reward in the form of tokens is motivating. For the judges to be able to enter the cases of disputes and act as voters in the options, they must transfer or invest a certain amount of tokens, the greater the number of tokens the more possibilities there is for the judge to be chosen for the case, this guarantees that the judges who contribute the most are those who are left with the reward, thus being equitable the incentive granted by kleros.

Bribe Resistance

At the time of the "Trials" a number of juries that is always the majority, make an honest decision, in case the counterpart was bribed, at the time of the victim's appeal, the counterparty must be bribed again so that a dishonest verdict again, and so on while the victim is appealing with his evidence in favor, this would mean a great expenditure in bribes on the part of the accused, but no one is willing to spend a large amount of money in bribes because in truth it would be every time Larger, be loser in the same way to get to the general court where the number of judges increases, this guarantees compliance with the rules and the issuance of honest verdicts, but what would happen if there is a defendant who is willing to spend a lot money in bribes? Well, the system is prepared to support this, since more than 70% of the tokens are controlled by the division of honest jurors who do not accept bribes, this for the good of the platform, since no one would trust Kleros if the juries were corrupt, would lose all the credibility that counts today

Cases in which Kleros can be used

  • In the event that two people are conducting business for the delivery of a service and that this does not meet the quality level stipulated.
  • (This is one of the most common cases) If an item is purchased in a virtual store and when it reaches its destination is something different from what is shown in the store or does not have the quality or accessories stipulated in the advertisement, the money may be reimbursed to the buyer
  • "An unpleasant comment posted in a decentralized social media platform is deemed to have broken terms and conditions."Source: Website Kleros
  • In the case of the negotiation of a product that will be released for sale but that does not meet the security standards or that has been discovered that its launch is not viable, in this way the investment in the product is returned to investors, and that by means of the contract inteliente were frozen previously
  • In any case that a product or final service is not delivered, does not comply with the standards, is not safe, has no quality, or is paid in advance and is not received

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