The Future of Money - The Kinesis Monetary System

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Man is insatiable, and has always thought of ways to improve on existing solutions. Cryptocurrencies extended the mediums through which payment can be effected, but unfortunately, they are not very good at retaining value. Due to their high volatility-except for tether, one can lose or make a huge sum of money in seconds. This is not ideal, to be used as a primary mode of value transfer, or as a form of savings.
Looking into the Fiat currency itself, it's centralization has generated several devaluations and inflations making it not a better option to only rely on.
In the area of purchasing precious metals like Gold and silver, one has to face the local market whose client-base and currency are limited. Again there are lots of intermediaries which greatly affect the final price and availability of these metals.
Not to mention that there's the possibility of purchasing fake gold etc or be scammed. Risks, in its direct conventional handling, include theft or waylay of clients/traders.

Kinesis is a decentralized solution based on the Stellar blockchain that ensures it creates a solution that picks on the positives of previous answers to the problem that went before it, and improving on the bad sides. Ensuring that token holders can get as much value as they can from their funds. It also encourages holders to spend that which they hold dearest, by incentivizing transactional activities within the ecosystem. Users also have multiple means of earning passive income with Kinesis solutions.


About the Kinesis Project

Due to the high volatility of cryptocurrency, that makes it an unsustainable and sometimes unsuitable form of commercial exchange, the Kinesis project seeks to solve that problem. Through its universally acceptable asset-backed, decentralized financial system, which makes the platform a commercial exchange, one that is fast, secure, efficient and with a lot of incentives. A system that has successfully harmonised the oldest form of money (gold and silver) with the new decentralised technology of the blockchain in order to serve and promote the interests of its users.

Kinesis set out with the sole purpose of creating an evolutionary monetary system that surpasses any other system that currently exists. A system whereby active participation amplifies the value of the coin both as a medium of exchange and as a store of value for everyone. At the core of the mechanics of the Kinesis system, is to hasten the flow of assets, money, economic activities, and commerce in an honest, fair and rewarding process. Another major purpose of the Kinesis system is to convey an internationally fungible financial system, created to reward participants hereby creating a solution for the world’s need of a reliable, sound money.


Kinesis and its solution is being built in conjunction with ABX, who are a front-runner with regards to dealing with precious metals. ABX came on the scene in 2013, but what they have achieved in such a short time is remarkable-becoming the industry’s standard in 5 short years.
With precious metals being a component of Kinesis, it’s only wise to be involved with a player such as ABX seeing they have extensive knowledge of the industry, and their technical know-how will be used to create a solution that truly solves a problem. Having such a team saves time on R & D, and also ensures that its solutions can go to the market ASAP.

Velocity-Based Yield System

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Fee Sharing
Kinesis has put in place a robust system that has been designed to attract and retain institutional as well as retail investors, this is achieved by leveraging its velocity of currency suite. In this system, users earn based on their interact with the system as well as the velocity (the rate that money changes hands) of the Kinesis currency. Here return on investments is derived purely from the economic output as opposed to banks debt-financing system. Debt-financing systems repeatedly devalue the currency it represents by inflating the prices of the services and goods the currency is used for.

In a bid to create a stable price of the KVT, the development team behind Kinesis have understudied Tether, a cryptocurrency backed by the USD. Tether which is most consistent cryptocurrency, with consistent velocity in the market; a feat they could achieve by providing a stable price that can be used cryptocurrency traders and users, in general, to liquidate other volatile tokens and hold a more stable token - Tether.

With this argument in mind, Kinesis is offering a better substitute to Tether. Tether only offers price stability for the cryptocurrency market, but Kinesis on the other hand offers a better or similar price stability, as well as an enormous liquidity that is supported by the bullion industry participants.

The Kinesis tokens and coins

Kinesis is a grand project and to make something so unique and original work you need funds.

These are tokens that work on the onetime investment and lifetime yield principle.
KENESIS VELOCITY TOKEN or KVT's are one time investment opportunity that give you entry to the Kinesis monetary system entire revenue system for life.
KVT is a utility token and not asset based currency. Currently it is in the pre sale phase and it runs till September 10th.
The current discount on the sale of the kVT tokens is 2.5%

These are limited supply tokens with limit of three hundred thousand tokens in all.
Holding these tokens gives you 20% revenue share generated in the kinesis monetary system.
They offer benefits from capital gains.


Gio is an online affiliate marketer who is unsatisfied with progress he has been making in his profession. He has been looking for a much easier way to generate passive income, while working on his side project.
Hearing about Kinesis from bitcointalk, he buys in, and notices that he’s making decent residual income by carrying out activities within the platform.
He’s also able to earn by spending, as well as keeping hold of these tokens.
He's able to continue his affiliate activities, carry on his side project and make extra passive income via other channels on the platform.



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