Miner One, let's move to Scandinavia for green and profitable mining!

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• The project

Miner One is an initiative by Sirio H.R.O. and Business Consultancy FEZ, a company operating in RAK Free Trade Zone Business Park, in Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company registration number is RAKFTZA-FZE-4012910, and right now they're setting up a subsidiary in Sweden, called Miner One AB. Like the names suggests, they're gonna be in the cryptocurrency mining business. They're gonna mine bitcoin (BTC). They're gonna take advantage of great quality and huge quantity of cheap and green energy (both hydro and wind) available in Sweden, the cheapest all around Europe. Also, in Sweden there are high quality infrastructures for both electricity and the Internet, so that business continuity will take the best out of it. They'll be based in Luleå, the second biggest city in Sweden, 46000 people. The average environmental temperature for the whole year is just 2°C in Luleå, and that will make a huge difference on cooling costs, they say. Luleå, in northern Sweden, on the Balctic sea, close to the Finnish border is best know because there is the biggest EU datacenter of Facebook Inc.

• How it works

Miner One will issue erc20 tokens called MIO. Token holders will receive their share of the company's BTC mining profits once a month, converted in ETH and right into the Ethereum wallet holding MIO tokens. The payout will take place after a minimum amount - not yet specified - has been reached; it will depend on how many tokens, BTC value, and the cost of transactions. Miner One's profits will be used as follows: 77% montly payout to token holders, 23% constantly reinvested in new equipment and improvements to keep up the efficiency of Miner One 's farms along the time. It's very fascinating the idea to make a one time initial investment and take the profits of such a profitable business like mining is during the upcoming years. MIO advertises itself as a "Lifetime token", the proceeds will take place as long as their operations will be live, and profitable. You will be able to contribute in BitcoinEthereum, Litecoin and credit cards. The ROI represented in their Whitepaper is calculated in 3 years: 471%, around $7000 each $1000 invested. They precise that calculations are not a promise, but just a possible scenario. It's almost impossible to reliably calculate mining profits, cause they're influenced by many unforecastable factors.

• The Team

CEO, Pranas Slušnys is an enterpreneur with 20+ years experience in IT & T, his competence goes from financial to management. Andrius Mironovskis, co founder and Production Director is a young business owner/startuper and will take care of Miner One's UX, for both technical and visual aspects. Jonas Udris is a lawyer who already worked in many EU funded projects related to legal databases and business registries. He's actually working to blockchain integration for public services in Lithuania. The team looks strong in every key managemnt role. Someone might argue that no one at Miner One has ever profesionally mined a single coin, but we must say that they share this with many of their competitors we've reviewd in the past. Anyway most of the companies by Mr. Pranas have some of the best datacenters in Scandinavia, so we must say that they are able to handle such a type of business.

• Hype

Miner One 's pre ICO started in late 2017 and they sold all 330000 MIO (cost 0.0005 ETH, bonus 50%). They received requests for 550000 tokens. Until today (20-02-2018 12.00 GMT) 35% bonus is active, 1 MIO = 0,00065 ETH. They're very close to soft cap: 3000ETH. 4M MIO tokens have been sold, more or less 3 million dollars. Considering that the ICO will end on May, 14th, there's plenty of time for them to collect a huge amount of money, and become a huge actor in the mining industry scene. As any token with payout, this investment is probably better suited for long term investors.

• Token Sale

By using this link you'll benefit of 4% more bonus!

UPDATE: as pinned on their Telegram, Ethereum (SC method) contributors won't see their 4% bonus credited. Either use another method or be aware of this!

This is MIO token sale calendar.

1. 15/20-02: price 0.00065 ETH / token (bonus 35%)

2. 21/28-02: price 0.00070 ETH / token (bonus 30%)

3. 01/15-03: price 0.00075 ETH / token (bonus 25%)

4. 16/31-03: price 0.00080 ETH / token (bonus 20%)

5. 01/20-04: price 0.00085 ETH / token (bonus 15%)

6. 21-04/05-05: price 0.00090 ETH / token (bonus 10%)

7. 06-05/14-05: price 0.00095 ETH / token (bonus 5%)

If you contribute in BTC, LTC or fiat, you'll have to specify an ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet to receive your MIO tokens. If you pay in ETH tokens will be automatically issued to your wallet.

• Roadmap

Miner One will setup its internal exchange in April, so the users will be able to change their mining profits right into their platform. In April, with crowdsale still open, they will make first hardware supply order. The first farm will be ready in June, and they count to have it up and running (mining active) within July; meanwhile their wallet app for iOS/Android should be ready. If everything goes as they planned investors would receive the first payout in August. Then the dashboard should be ready, where every member of the Miner One community will be able to spot live mining operations. In September 2018 they should realize one of the most intresting features, a crypto to fiat Mastercard, that should help customers withdraw their mining profits easily.

• Prerequisites

Miner One requires a KYC (Know Your Customer) to comply with AML (Anti Money Laundering) international aggreements. Anyway after investing we must say that it was a very easy KYC compared to other ICOs based in Germany or Switzerland. It took 5 minutes to pass it. Unfortunately they don't accept contributions from U.S. and China's citizens, due to local regulations that are well known to be incompatible with Cryptosphere's ICOs.

• Why to invest / why not to invest.

Miner One's view of this business might be very intresting, mostly due to electricity costs and availability in Sweden. They'll use green energy, and this will create and sustain hype during the ICO. They'll take advantage of minimal cooling costs, due to external average temperature of just 2°C. It looks like they have all they need to let such a profitable business run properly. For sure, as any crypto related investment, it is a very risky one, so we suggest to go for it with just a small portion (1-2%) of your wallet.Our analysis is not a substitute of your due diligence, nor it is in any way encouraging you to invest in Miner One. Mining is influenced by multiple variables and thus it's almost impossible to reliably foretell its profits. Anyway, at Miner One they say that you will have lifetime payouts, as long as mining will be live and proftable.

• Links

Use our ref link and benefit of an extra 4% bonus!

UPDATE: as pinned on their Telegram, Ethereum (SC method) contributors won't see their 4% bonus credited. Either use another method or be aware of this!


Whitepaper (ENG)

Official Telegram


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