451 SOL/S
I was just just playing around on my computer today for fun to see if I could mine some extra coin on my computer while not in use but I had no idea how profitable it could actually be, or so I thought In the picture below it shows current profitability margins for current hashrate.

at the current rate of 450 SOL/S Equivalent of 450 H/S and the current price of Zcash at 51$usd mining this coin would cost on average .80c a day a net loss of 23$ per month or 280$ per year not very good at all!

I am currently using BMINER software and am very impressed with how simple it is to use.

For my wallet I have chosen to use JAXX LIBERTY but there are dozens of good ones out there.

Finally the pool Im currently mining with is NANOPOOL.

10 minutes running still holding 451 SOL/S equivalent to 450 H/S

thanks for checking out my updated post if you like please upvote resteem and follow, thank you!

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i need to give a try to mining soon

You got a 31.25% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @mmckersie!

Oh wow this sounds amazing @mmckersie ! wish I had a more powerful computer for mining as I only use my Chromebook. As this post is about money/ investing etc. Let me suggest adding the #steemleo Tag , its a Tribe that gives you extra LEO Tokens for posting where you get even more upvotes , I all ready have over 779.16 LEO in my Steem-engine wallet along with over 10 other tokens im saving and 100% Staked! you can also add these Tags to any post as anything is allowed on their tribe sites: #neoxian , #marlians , #palnet , all earning tokens. Best of luck to you!!👍❤😎 upped 💯 and resteemed


oh wow thats awsome and good for you on your tokens! ill add that tag to my post, thanks so much mom!


Your welcome, hope ZCASH Is very profitable for you!!👍👍👍


I think I actually made a mistake on the calculations if I did its actually not currently profitable to mine I have updated my post I think I mixed up kh/s and h/s with sol/s sorry if anyone knows for sure how it works please let me know, thanks!


Hummm!? its aparently still profitable I read this part in the following link with more info about it :

"As of now, investment in ZCash mining looks like the most attractive option for miners to start. Especially if you are new to mining industry or struggling to make profits from your current mining equipment, giving ZCash a try would be the perfect fit!"
Heres a link to a ZCASH Mining Calculator: