Did another bottom?

3년 전

Something's coming!
Did another bottom?

Sell 160,000 BTC to start a new Bitcoin rally.

Mt. Gox very incidentally decided to remind that they have 160 thousand BTC and the same BCH, which can be merged immediately after the distribution between the affected traders of the exchange - it was decided to extend the deadline for submitting applications for a refund until December 26, 2018. BTC will be distributed not earlier than June.

Do you doubt that they will be sold? The prices at which they were purchased at that time were no more than $1000. The sale of those bits will be profitable, if by the summer of 2019 we do not fall below $1000 for 1 BTC. And sell them are likely to be through the exchanges, and not through the OTC market. And it will hit the course pretty hard.

This story stretches back to 2014, when there was a stop of trading due to the hacking of the exchange and the subsequent dump. It is very similar to the fact that Bitcoin will go to new heights only when there is a question on Mt. Gox will finally be closed.

The founder of cryptocurrencies Ripple and Stellar exchanges are Mt. Gox is one person. And this is Jed MacCaleb, and the cue ball catches the next bottom.

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