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The rest of the week cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue will support 26 couples with the community
Singapore cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue is only 56-e a place on the daily trading volumes, however, enjoys great popularity in the community community, making this digital token to your base currency. And by the end of this week, 26 couples from the community should appear on the platform.

At the end of last month, Bitrue announced that It plans to add new pairs from the community every week in January. The first such addition took place on January 3, when on the exchange there was support for pairs from the transceiver, XLM, Neo, gas and OMG, and a day later a pair of Bi/community was added.

And on Monday, January 7, Bitrue continued to expand trading pairs with the community, promising to make it possible to trade this token against hot, NPXS, DNT and Pro by the end of the week.

Thus the end of the week Bitrue be the 26 couples with a token community: BCH/community; etc./community; TRP/community; GUSD/community; KSC/community connection/community; LTK/community; PAX/community; - transactional net/community; TUSD/community van/community; ITC/community; ZRX/community; community/BTC;

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